Mini- expedition announcement – Can you say Skunk-Ape?

As you read this today , I am in Florida in the Everglades looking for the famous Skunk-Ape and doing Vortex Photography looking for strange beings from maybe interdimensional worlds or maybe just this world . Beings that have the ability to hide my man’s eye, but not from a good digital camera and a little mediation

Here is a being ( not too Handsome) coming out of a hole in a tree –
( From – high country east Albuquerque )

2 Replies to “Mini- expedition announcement – Can you say Skunk-Ape?”

  1. While out there in the swamps and such, make sure to watch for gators (normally won’t bother you) watch where you step for snakes and most of all watch for poison oak or ivy. Last time I was walking around in the swamps there I didn’t even think to watch for poison plants and I obviously stepped in a big patch of it and itched for day because I was too dumb to realize that I kept reinfecting myself with my shoes that would occasionally brush against my bare leg.

  2. Dimensionally that would have to be a 30 foot wide tree to be anything other than a close up of an insect on a normal tree. Unless these being are microscopic of course. Next time back up….or focus the camera for the every day shot!!

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