Mistake or Menacing Maneuver?–Is it all True Series #75

Word on the street is that one of America’s premier pharmaceutical companies recently made a terrible and very frightening mistake by mixing common human seasonal viruses and the all-too-famous H5N1 virus, also known as the avian flu virus. This is the kind of virus that the world has been dreading for years; the virus that could kill us all, but seems to have issues similar to Ebola. Like Ebola, H5N1 has not developed a successful vector that would enable it to spread rapidly. It is super deadly but has a slow and ineffective transmission; humans can literally walk away from it.

And thanks to a few ferrets that gave their lives so us humans could live. The lab techs thought they were injecting the ferrets with common human virus, but the ferrets quickly died and the screw-up was discovered. The bird virus was alive and very deadly. Normally with few exceptions viruses in vaccines are dead; our bodies build up immunity to the dead viral genetic material. Question: where was this company’s bio-security department? This should never have happened.

So if this co-mingled mixture was released to the public in the form of next year’s flu shot, as they say “Katy, bar the door”. This hybrid mixture would have created the perfect deadly storm. This mixing process could have lead to a process called reassortment which then could have created a world pandemic of biblical portions. The pharmaceutical company stated the cause was human error only. Since this incident happened across different countries borders it is hard to put all the pieces together.

If for some reason a group of human or non-human beings wanted to thin the human herd here on earth, this would be the way, to build a stronger race, and eliminate the weak. Also viruses can carry junk DNA to manipulate the survivors of the pandemic.

This could and would create a brand new world on earth, good or bad- I know not.
So at least for now, let us all thank our little friends the ferrets for their personal sacrifice.
And save the status quo.

And always sleep tight, and dream far, life is quite short here on this earth.



May Death not become you – trust not the Pharma

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