MJ-7 September Get-together- Is it all True Series #104

Two weeks ago the group, known for its 200 years of experience in the world of the paranormal, had a get-together in Albuquerque to share their last three months of research and experiences in their very strange world. MJ-7 never disappoints. The following is a brief discussion of some of the sharing. A great variety of subjects were covered.

First, there was the story from the artist in Santa Fe, which had an encounter with a Bigfoot and was inspired to paint a huge painting of that night’s event. Then there was the researcher who had been in the field in Washington State, doing vortex/dimensional photography of strange beings, including a possible Bigfoot. The same person in the last 60 days has been east of Albuquerque and working on a process for direct contact with Sasquatch people and other forest beings, and he shared some of his photos. The 2009 Dulce Base conference came up and there was talk of a possible 2010 part 2 in Dulce next year.

Another researcher helped free the home of a Texas artist of several beings from some other place. The beings were fascinated by the sculptures the artist had made. These sculptures were apparently acting like antennas and drawing the beings into the artist’s home. There was another person who mentioned he recently saw amazing lights, objects and UFOs through special night vision glasses. And a meeting would not be official without something to be said about David Icke – who is coming to Santa Fe on Oct.11th to give one of his famous 7-hour talks. Did I mention it is for a good cause (A Child Miracle Mind)? Finally, MJ-7 is planning a special outing in November to see the movie, based on a true story of abductees in Nome, Alaska, called “The Fourth Kind”.

A lot of the MJ-7 members were drawn to New Mexico, for what no one knows, especially them. They believe they are innocently waiting for something or someone to come and make their group complete. Of course maybe they are only holding the space.
But the MJ-7 members are truly an interesting and mind-bending group.



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