MJ-7 Stages Another Meeting in Albuquerque- Is it all True Series #67

I got a call from an inside source who was able to infiltrate MJ-7’s January meeting.
This original group of 7 individuals who possess over 200+ years of wisdom in the UFO body of knowledge formed this powerful but thoughtful cabal. This group’s mission is to seek out and hold the truth. They believe truth is a rare commodity in this strange world.
And the only hope for the survival of the human species is finding this truth.

Interesting fact– a funeral director gave the keynote speech, and he talked about the upcoming controversial conference in Dulce, New Mexico at the end of March. This conference may open up the world to the distinct probability that a vast base under the sleepy town of Dulce, NM exists and that the technology at this base is 60+ years advanced. Is this base a center for gene mixing, cloning and using advanced nano-technology on animals, humans and non-human beings? This conference hopes to smoke out the truth about the base.

Several other guests shared their expertise with MJ-7. There was a scientist-type who talked at length about an amazing book by Thomas Horn dealing with the return of the Watchers, Roswell and 2012. He was very convincing, and I believe all persons attending the meeting will be in line at Borders getting the book. Next, there was a medicine woman who talked about her native traditions and UFO’s and Bigfoot. For most Native Americans the UFO/Bigfoot phenomena is just another day, just something a part of their culture. Next the scientist’s wife (who was in the medical field) sincerely talked about her experiences of healing terminally ill patients. She insisted this healing process has been on the increase over the last few years. And then there was the ex-cop sharing his deep knowledge of the cattle mutilation phenomena and his years of investigative reporting on other paranormal events in the four corners area.

MJ-7 continues to attract the best into their network as they collect the puzzle pieces.
Can they put together the puzzle by 2012? MJ-7 is in the hunt.


PS. Enjoy the new day — Jan.20, 2009


The Seven Wise-ones

2 Replies to “MJ-7 Stages Another Meeting in Albuquerque- Is it all True Series #67”

  1. very interesting, I was hoping to have heard more of the unknown, I was raised all is normal and we live in two worlds one as we know it and the other with many mysteries. like to hear more and attend more meetings. I except all because i have seen a lot but many things to native Americans, is meant only for our eyes to see and never share. to do so you lose your gift. to read more about me go to http://www.mysterious_american.net Brent Raynes is a UFO investigator from Tennessee. and write alot about UFOs, Native Issues, and paranormal.. life is a jounery from the cradle to the end. I have enjoyed reading your input.

  2. Wow. I just found this website this evening when I put in a search on George Knapp. I am an avid listener of Coast to Coast and have been for several years. I got caught up in the other posts here. This one blew my mind. About six months ago, while living in a suburb of Los Angeles, where I was born and raised, I suddenly became frantic to move somewhere else. I searched mostly on Google maps and Craiglist for a place somewhere towards the middle of the country. I think that my fears of living in L.A. came from listening to my favorite radio show which, ironically was broadcasted from the exact town I had been living in for years.

    I (virtually) looked all over the United States and even in Mexico and South America for a place where I could raise my eleven year old son. I found myself strangly attracted to Taos, NM. I went up and down the streets (Google street view), and spontaneously decided to take a trip there to check it out. In the four days we were there, I found a house for rent, and within the next month, rented it through emails and telephone calls. I knew from the start of my search that I would end up in Taos. We moved here two months ago.

    I was shocked to read your post on MJ-7 and about people who are drown here to NM to live and wait for something to happen in 2012. This is EXACTLY what I did. I had trouble sleeping that last months that we were in L.A. I possessed an inherent fear 24/7. I would take my son out of town often on the weekends just to escape the location.

    My priorities for picking the place we would move to were the schools, climate, and cost of living, but to tell you the truth, somehow, in the back of my mind, no matter what, we were going to NM. This is crazy. I picked a place where I had never spent any time at all.

    I love it here.

    Now, I sit here in New Mexico as if waiting for the ball to drop. I am constantly talking and emailing my friends in L.A. trying to get them up here. I don’t know why. I can’t believe that MJ-7 is talking about this. I have never even heard of this group. My interest has been ignited.

    Thanks for your post.

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