MJ-7s November Meeting and their close encounter with The Fourth Kind-Is it all True Series #111

If Dr. Abigail Tyler could have made the meeting on November 8th I am sure she would have been there. So in her absence the somewhat famous MJ-7 group went to see her at a movie venue in Albuquerque to see the controversial film called The Fourth Kind.

Dr. Abigail Tylers story (maybe true maybe not) was about a courageous mental health professional, who faced a series of profound cases of murders and disappearances including that of her own daughter.

The MJ-7 again welcomed some newcomers, people from the world of sacred tours, movie festival people, and a remote healer. The group as a whole had mixed feelings about the film some thought it was just a movie based on a hoax. And others felt it was very much right on, bringing real life to the subject matter.

In the movie there was this split screen effect. On one screen was the actual interview footage of Dr. Abigail and her patients and on the other screen was the actors portraying their version of the event. The actors were very effective and convincing. This split screen gave the audience this strange reflection and intense feeling as the movie progressed.

I feel I am a reasonably good judge of this type of phenomenon, knowledge I have gained from my 40 + years of alien abduction interviews. This movie powerfully hit the nail on the head. And then there were the Owls, a common thread in many abductee cases. It actually appears in about 50% of the interviews I have had and some of them were owls 4 to 5 ft. tall. Owls in the shamanic world signal the opening of a portal or vortex, the start of a profound event.

Two things that I questioned about the movie, one was that there was no mention of the Masters of the abduction world— the Grays. Number two, how did the linguist know the sound of the Sumerian language; no living person has heard that language for thousands of years.

Finally, the terror element the movie matched the abduction encounter, with its sheer intensity; I call it terror beyond the human mind, enough terror to fry every neuron in the brain. I would recommend this movie for adults only; adults who in their small brains strongly feel they are ready to face the deepest darkest void- you were warned.

Only through wisdom do we gain understanding.

Sleep tight in the knowledge there is no death.

Seven Wise Truthseekers
The Seven Wise Truthseekers

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