Money Talks — But Truth Wins — don't you love it.

This also shows you where the KOCH Brothers are in the world of disinformation.– its a sad place we live in.
The Converted Skeptic From
Jul 31, 2012; 1:42 AM ET
Dr. Richard A. Muller, a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley who used to be strong skeptic of global warming before the objective analysis by the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, which he founded with his daughter Elizabeth has now gone a step farther and now states that it appears likely that essentially all of the 1.5 degree F, temperature increase over the past 50 years is from the human emission of greenhouse gases.

Dr. Muller explained his change in thinking in an NY Times op-ed from this past weekend. Check it out then feel free to comment below.

Dr. Muller

What is also interesting is the the fact that the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project had received $150,000 from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, whose namesake also runs the climate skeptic research program The Heartland Institute, according to Business Insider.

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