" Montauk " Synchronicity Makers- Part 3

While there are certainly others, there are four main players of the Montauk synchronicity. Hubbard, L. Ron, (yes, the founder of Scientology), developed his (religion)- the special club from his Naval career in Naval Intel. Naval Intelligence has been involved in psychiatric research, and L. Ron grabbed on to these cutting edge techniques and formulated his quite famous book- Dianetics. Naval Intel fingerprints are all over Montauk. L. Ron had also researched human implants and how they could control mankind, and it has been rumored Camp Hero was also an implant station.
The next player is the man called either the most evil person on earth or the wisest man on earth (your choice), Aleister Crowley. Aleister, besides having direct or indirect relationships with the other Montauk players, had bio-rhythmic synchronicities with the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. Crowley’s important personal events were linked to dates of the major events in the above projects/experiments.

Mr Wise/Evil

These next players are, The Camerons: Duncan Sr. and Jr., Edward (Al Bielek) and Marjorie. This group was smack in the middle the Philly experiment and the Montauk Project. First, Duncan Jr. occupied the time machine, and he was aboard the USS Eldridge as the Tesla field went crazy. Secondly, Duncan Sr. was a Naval official who may have been responsible for transporting the Nazis scientists to the US to develop rockets, the A-bomb, zero point energy, and strange stuff at Montauk (see our July 14th posting). Thirdly, Al Bielek (half brother of Duncan Jr.) was also on the Eldridge with Duncan as they jumped overboard and forward in time. Finally, Marjorie Cameron, a possible relation to the other Camerons (not perfectly calculated yet), also had a Navy career working directly for the Joint Chief of Staff. But her checkered career ended in a court martial. Her real claim to fame was her marriage to Jack Parsons, who was a genius and a rocket scientist. Jack, L. Ron, and Marjorie inter-acted together and worked on a project call Babalon Working, a similar project to Montauk using sexual energy instead of Tesla technology to move on the Time-line.

The Eye

I mentioned these characters because they were a few of the core players in Montauk and the Philly experiment; a web of synchronicity connected these people. It is very possible they never felt their deep connection in this space and time.
This is a vast mystery of profound importance, and 99% of the people of this country know nothing of it. We are missing incredible knowledge because we refuse to be engaged in our Universe and are afraid to look into others.


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