More on Our Journey to Make Contact — Is it all True Series #100

Our latest adventure in the quest to make contact with a Sasquatch family east of Albuquerque ended with some interesting conclusions. Let’s set the scene, it was a beautiful late summer day in the high country east of the Big Q (as Mayor Marty calls it). Once we were in the general research area, we noted that the grass was much higher and the area was much greener so we assumed it had rained considerably since our last visit. This may have played a role in what we were going to find next. We entered the area from a different entry point. On the ground we found our white garbage bag with the bottom torn out, its contents (apples) were gone. We walked about 150 feet to the east to the location where we had hung the bag high in a tree and the bag of course was gone. And the other surprise item, which was solidly tacked into the base of the tree, was also gone. We had taken pictures of the total site for future comparisons. No other debris was found and nothing near or around the site was disturbed.

So what can we now conclude from these findings. First, something tall removed the bag and carried it about 150 feet and ripped open the bottom and took out the contents. Only two animals here qualified as suspects to this deed. Bigfoot or man since the goods were hung high out of reach of other creatures and nothing else was disturbed, eliminating bears and deer, raccoons and big cats don’t like apples. Another consideration was a violent rainstorm blew the two items out of the area. But this is not likely since this area is heavily wooded with much underbrush to prevent the items from much lateral movement. Next we need to consider the condition of the bag we found, it was still pulled tight and the bottom ripped out. Would a human rip the bottom out of the bag or just open it. I say just open it. Bigfoot on the other hand would rip it open from the bottom, according to my expert friend Kawaunee. So the first site has Bigfoot potential, but is not conclusive.

Site number two was over a small ridge area where we had hung a bag again with a large organic food bar in it. It was hung over a ledge, with 15 or so foot drop. The handles of the bag were securely placed around a good size rock and a 3-foot stick was placed leaning partially over the handles and the rock. So what did we find, nothing at the top of the ledge, the bag was gone. But, here is the critical evidence; the rock and the stick were still there in almost the exact location as we learned that by studying the photo of the original placement of the rock and the stick. Now our feelings are that if it was a human he/she could have lifted the stone and removed the bag, but I doubt highly they would have paid attention to the rock placement and the stick placement and put it back nearly exactly as the originally placement. But according to Kewaunee this is a movement that a Sasquatch would do. Also at the bottom of the ledge we found a small piece of our second bag, partially buried under forest debris. Again more of a Bigfoot move than a human act.

So Kewaunee said he would place his highest bet that it was Bigfoot and not another creature. So we are going to try one more visit in hopes a Sasquatch being will leave us a message, maybe a rock tower or a symbol scratched in the ground. One more try, we will see, this is our last chance this year before the cold and snow invade the High Country. Will this Sasquatch family make the bold move and smile upon his human friends?

Sleep Tight – Dream large – MWiz.

PS . Note this is my 100th posting – in my ” Is it all True Series” – Good for us

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