More Vortex Photos -Is it all True Series #97

As I have stated before, vortex photos are subjective and the eye of the beholder is truly the reality. Our right and left brains perceive visual sightings quite differently from person to person. So as before, if you see something interesting in the photos or even nothing, please send me a comment. Another thing I am starting to realize is that the strange stuff seems to appear only in vortex areas, either known places of strange events or areas that have been dowsed by an expert in that field. I traveled last weekend and hiked in a forested area near Portland, Oregon and shot about 75 random photos, it was a random area, no known vortexes, and guess what, no strange photos of beings, just the normal trees, grass, bushes and a few small animals.

So here are 4 photos with comments from a known vortex area in New Mexico about 35 miles from Albuquerque.

Number 1. – Ghost cat-like creature left center of the photo. Some hazy areas in the photo, not noted when I shot the photo, but quite common in vortexes.

Number 2. – Center – female looking forest being with pretty face and maybe some type of striped head-cover. Others say it looks like a deer lying down?

Number 3. – Center of the photo small artifact – ancient mask in small cave area near the Bigfoot feeding area.

Number 4. – Elf-being – looking around a tree with a cool little smile. (right of center)

I am truly starting to believe that there are inter-dimensional beings hanging near vortexes and they seem to have no problem smiling for the camera. The only trick is to find the vortexes.

So try it, either go to a known place of strange sightings or have your neighborhood dowser find you a few locations, and get your camera out and explore and shoot 100 or more random photos. See if you get a big or small smiling face.


Cool Ghost – Cat


Female forest being – with headress

Artifact in center of fork in the green branch
Center brown – slight right smiling Elf ?

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