Mothership-sized UFO cyllinder stands still for thirty-minutes over Memphis– Memphis UFO Examiner

May 31, 8:34 PM Memphis UFO Examiner Eddie Middleton

On April 16, 2010, around 3:30 pm, a prominent Memphian (who wishes at this time not to be identified) was reclining in his garden chair on his back patio gazing up at the cloudless sky. [As a possibly important side note, this person is an aritst who loves to paint skyscapes, so is a frequent and careful observer of what goes on up there.] While thus engaged in one of his favorite pastimes, he suddenly noticed with utter astonishment a brilliantly glittering cyllindrical object sitting stationary high in the sky slightly to the southwest. At first he thought this had to be some kind of experimental military aircraft, but he was quickly disabused of this explanation because this thing was, as he put it, “glittering like diamonds in the sky” and with such an unearthly beauty about it that he just knew that he was face to face with something utterly wondrous and totally unknown, absolutely unlike anything he had ever seen before in all his many years of sky-watching.

He said that six or seven very bright and large stars touching side to side like a row of marbles would give one a pretty good picture of what this object looked like. Though these lights were not blinding to look at, they made it difficult for our witness to discern any other features of this sighting. This object (or craft) was positioned at an approximately 45 degree angle with the upper part of it pointing towards the southwest. And it was so large that the commercial planes and/or jets our witness observed flying under it appeared tiny by comparison. And here’s a real kicker for you, what may make this unique in the annals of so-called cigar-shaped UFO craft sightings : it held its same place in the sky, seemingly without any movement whatsoever, for thirty-minutes!!! After this lenth of time, the witness went back insde his house to do something, and when he quickly returned to check on his celestial visitor, it had departed.

He thought that this would be all over the news the next day as many thousands must have seen it. But there was nothing at all reported—anywhere! And this often happens, even with the most amazing and seemingly public of UFO sightings. One has to seriously wonder if this was intended only for the eyes of this lone witness. He is now willing to entertain the thought that it could have been a spiritaul vision of some kind or possibly even an omen as he learned of the death of a very dear friend the next day. However, our witness did not feel any kind of apprehension or forboding during his experience—rather a sense of elation. And this kiind of psychological reacton to a dramatic UFO sighting is actually quite typical. The credibility of this person who reported this to the Memphis UFO Examiner is absolutely impeccable. If anyone else saw this or knows of anyone who did or of any news report about it, please let us know.

[Postscript : this story takes on even more interest in the light of what happened to this witness two days after his sighting. “Curiouser and couriser” as Alice would say. But this will have to wait until the next installment.]

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