Mr J – Speaks Part 4

As I walked out back to the place where I first saw the unknown being I took my thoughts back to the night that I saw him.
I remembered how he turned and looked at me as I saw the expression of surprise on his face. Oh how I wish that I did not react to my statelessness when I saw what looked like a Caveman standing there looking back at me. How I wish that I would of just sat down and welcomed whatever it was into my space with open arms and signs of peace. But of coarse the shock and misunderstanding took over my emotions and fear set in as I ran to the safety of the porch.

As I ponder on what could of happened with myself and my new found friend I can only wonder how may others have reacted in ways of violence toward what I saw that night in the dark… How many times have I been standing close to wild Bears and the 4 legged of the Northern bush of Canada where I grew up with understanding and no fear. Why was it that the unknown that I saw automatically kicked the fear into action as me feet carried we away from perhaps my greatest adventure of my entire life.

I stood back at that place where the creature looked up at me and I placed rocks on the ground spelling the word ” Hi “. My hope is that he will see them and form something that I can identify being from him as we enter into a form of communication…

Same like I do with humans and ones that I love. I sent him my good thoughts and told him that I was safe and a good protector of secrets. Within my mind I sent my good thoughts into the wind to mingle with his imagination of thought and intuitions.

That night I had a Dream that was very real and easy for me to understand as my main focus in this life is working with people with regards to their dreams and understandings of what it is that is being spoken in dreamtime. I also have the gift to be able to open up the dreams that have fallen asleep within people and recall them to their memory. So what I am getting at is that I am a professional when it come to dreamtime and how it works.

Within my dream I saw something come close to me and speak to me with no verbal words yet I knew within my heart and mind what was being said. A message from the creature that stood in front of me within my dreamtime was what I would call a Sasquatch from the description that I recall from drawings within the books from back in my school days as a child.

The unheard words spoken within expression of thoughts were awesome because with them came great peace. He looked at me with a soft loving look in his eyes and expressed that all was well ,and he too was safe. Even the shy slightly tilted body motion was a easy read of someone that was shy with a slight way of hiding within self of body.

My dreamtime with him was short yet very powerful and I come to understand the nature of the spirit that rests within him. I am sure my story and encounter is strange to some and at the same time a great conformation to others that are aware of their Dreamtime that has become a reality within their life.

For Dreams are great teachings to what is going on within ourselves as our human body is at rest while our Spirit is wide awake within us. With Dreams come answers that speak to our heart and minds for the purpose of manifesting the truth that rests within us.

I will now venture down to the place where the friendship first began and try and see what I understand to be just the beginning of a learning experience of a life time.

Mr. J

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