Mr J – Speaks Part 5

Within my life there are many things that bring me much joy but the greatest of all pleasures are the Feathers that I find that come as a gift from my friends that travel within the Wind. For myself a Feather comes for many reasons and with them come answers to many questions that dwell within me. Basically Feathers for me have always been my greatest blessing.

This morning I had good thoughts to revisit the place where I placed the rocks together that within my mind are a communication to my new found friend. As I started walking down towards my greeting place I looked down and saw my gift in form of a Feather with it came a moment and thought of the greatness of peace. I soon was standing looking down at my rock formation that spoke the word ” Hi “.

To my surprise as well as happiness I saw another gift that was staring back up at me with a understanding within that gave me great joy and answers. A nice brand new Feather sat quiet rite a top of my formation of red rocks. Some may ponder with their own thoughts of how the Feather got there but as I looked at where it was resting it made it hard to imagine that it could of arrived to that exact spot all on its own. The large bolder of a rock that I had place the bait in the first place would be a hard tuck for any bird to get under as the Feather shed from its body and hugged the ground in that spot.

Within my mind I gave thanks and saw this to be a great find of communication from what I had saw that night in a reflection of fear and excitement. This has opened up my mind to start thinking of how the creature that I believe is a Sasquatch knew just how much that Feather would speak to my spirit within.

This adventure is far from over as I relate to all that red this as to what I believe is going on here in the desert of my home is the beautiful Sedona.


Mr. J

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