My Adventure with Kewaunee – "The Vortex".

I periodically go on a Bigfoot search ,with my wonderful friend Kewaunee who is a master at dowsing ,Bigfoot chasing and herbs and healing. This time we went to one of our favorite spots outside of Missoula , an amazing place with plenty of Bigfoot . But for the moment I will talk about Vortices (places where this world meets the others) and where strange things happen if you are patient . This particular day was cold, cloudy,and windy,with snow in the air . We were on the hunt for the super vortex .Only one of a dozen such areas in the world. So Mr.K dowsed the area near a beautiful stream surrounded by grassy rocky hills. He found the vortex which was about 150 feet across . So we set up our folding chairs near the edge of the vortex and we waited Even though I felt something watching me as we sat quietly , we saw nothing. The weather was getting colder, windy and very dark and overcast. I leaned over and asked Kewaunee, Where is the action ?
He smiled and said “wait”mountain-reflection.jpgand then he seemed to fall into a meditative trance . Suddenly the sky opened up and a huge circle appeared overhead and a column of warm sunshine fell to earth . We immediately had to remove our heavy coats . The circle in the sky was perfect and lasted until we went back to town. This is one of many memories of my Kewaunee trips,– more to follow.


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