My Amazing Adventure Through a Vortex: Part 3 –Is it all True Series

Mr Sasquatch - Kewaunee
If you have not read them yet, go back to my postings from July 21st and July 28th. This Part 3 is my final posting on my 2012 Big Amazing Adventure. Besides the vortex photography, being touched by an Ancient one, and the hooting in the night, two more events on this mini-expedition have produced lasting memories.

First the people of northeastern Washington State were very gracious and accommodating, discussing their pure knowledge of all the strangeness in the forest. Their encounters with these paranormal beings were much more normal than in any other place I have been to do research. These encounters are quite commonplace. It seemed like everyone there has had some type of experience or know some reliable person who has had one or more. Whoever we approached about this subject, they were willing to comment and help add a piece of the puzzle to one of the greatest mysteries in our human history, namely that we live in a multi-dimensional world which is shared by Bigfoot and a host of others beings and that at times they will come out and play.

And lastly as I stood in the middle of the night in the great darkness within this huge beautiful forest a few miles from Canada, it struck me. There were no crickets, no birds, and no small creatures, nothing was making a sound, it was dead silence. You could hear your heartbeat and the neurons in your mind firing. Never have I heard the void, but now I have. It was like hearing “God’s” voice in the vast silence of this magnificent place. So what made this silence so profound was it set up your brain to wait for a sound that would totally imprint itself in your mind, it was truly like being in another dimension, a place where fantasy comes true.

Thank you to my dear friend, Kewaunee, for taking me on this Journey.

Sleep Tight – knowing we are a multi-dimensional world, makes it all worth waking up tomorrow.

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