My Most Amazing Adventure Through a Vortex: Part 1– Is it all True Series #241

After a long 12-hour trip I found myself in a remote area in northeast corner of Washington State. Our first night we stayed at a friend’s house, near a bit of civilization. And the house was surrounded by small vortex areas. That first night we rested in the luxury of an indoor toilet and shower. The next day after touring the rest of the beautiful property, I started my vortex photography shooting into the dark areas of the property. This was a technique I learned from a NA Indian about 4 years ago. The dark is where these special beings hide out and your digital camera can pick them up. Well with luck, skill, or whatever, there it, he, or she was directly across from the front of the main house.
And there was also an Ancient One, a being similar in size to the Sasquatch, but more similar to humans in looks, with a human face with some facial hair, long head hair and normal length human arms. They can easily be over 7 foot tall, but some in the 5 and half-foot range are not rare. My colleague, Kewaunee, and the lead researcher on the trip identified the photo as a possible young Ancient One. And please note here, as amazing as the photo was, he was telepathing with these beings the whole trip. As he would say they were “nudging him.”
So next we drove about 50 miles to a primitive camping area, where the whole time us and nature, normal and very strange, co-existed for the next four nights.
The first day in our new paradise we moved deeper into a major vortex area. And more stuff was about to happen.
Sleep Tight – Sorry you will have to wait for Part 2 for more.

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