Mystery Cloud By Mary Muñoz © January 18, 2009

About four or five years ago, my husband, Abe was outside watering. He came into the house informing Hannah and I of a strange cloud that looked like a UFO. I had asked him how long it had been there. He said that he had been watching it for about twenty minutes, which with a very calm day it wouldn’t be too strange for us, but…
…This day was like any other day during this time in which the winds were a constant problem and didn’t seem to stop; we are known for the winds in our area. I asked my husband what the winds were doing at that moment. I knew they were blowing, but I didn’t know how hard. He stated that they were pretty strong. I asked if the cloud had moved due to this and he replied, “No.” This is when I go outside to observe what he was talking about. I had to see for myself.
For about a year, maybe longer, we had been hearing about clouds that appear to look like UFO’s and don’t act like the rest of the environment it hangs around in. With that we are now beginning to get more curious. I mean this was going to be fun. What were the possibilities…a UFO cloud? Maybe we might get a connection?
We decided that it is time for a road trip to get a better view of the entire cloud. It was located north of our location, but a large building was obstructing our full view. The easiest resolve was to go east about a mile and see if the open fields in the area would give us what we were looking for. Armed with a camera we head out.
We get down to where we can see the whole cloud, but it wasn’t enough. We tried to snap off a couple of shots, but I wasn’t satisfied by what I was seeing in the viewfinder. So we agree that a trip up north might give us a better chance and since it had not moved we might get a great shot. We turn around, go the main road, and head north.
We drive seventeen miles north to an area we have coined V-Hill, due to a mansion that sits off to the left. But before we made it there we pulled off to the side of the road to watch what the cloud was doing. At one point I became disappointed thinking that it was going to dissipate before we got to our stop off location. We actually saw the cloud lose some of its volume and then as if something turned on began to expand again. The expansion was in a counter clockwise movement, as if ribbons of white were wrapping around it, making it bigger with each rotation.
At V-Hill there is a large pull off area and when we got there we decided this would be the best location for us. We were able to sit back and watch for an extended amount of time what was going on with the cloud without the fear or questioning of what we were doing. As we sat there we saw smaller clouds, not part of the big cloud, moving along with the winds. It was then we started snapping some pictures hoping that we might get something in them.
While we were watching it Hannah said she saw a plane come out of the top section, but we never saw a plane go into it. While she is claiming this I swore I saw a circular object rotating clockwise coming out in the same area. This is still an argument to this day. We both saw something, but the question is what? After about fifteen to twenty minutes we became bored of the adventure. Not much occurred, other than the plane/circular object, so we decided to go home.
We are now about five miles from home when Abe and Hannah notice that the cloud was moving west, but the winds were moving east. It was going against them and not with them. This was strange. And then bout of nowhere the van I was driving lost all horsepower. It had power, as in electrical, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I pull off to the side of the road. Abe opens his door.
At this point we are smelling gasoline. I am grabbing things of importance, telling Hannah to get out immediately, and trying to get an answer from Abe on what he thinks it could be. He is telling me to pop the hood, which I do as I am leaving the vehicle. This is when we all notice a weird hum coming from around the vehicle. At first I thought it was coming out of the engine area, but the vehicle was off. Then it became obvious that it was surrounding the entire vehicle and not coming from the engine itself.
Hannah and I go to the front, about five feet from the vehicle. Abe is now lifting up the hood trying to see if he could locate what was going on. It was then I see the liquid flowing out from underneath behind the passenger seat. The fuel line appears to be busted. We were stuck about four miles out of town.
Abe looks under the van to see that the line had come loose at the O Ring. We were not going anywhere, but someone had to get to a phone and call AAA for a tow. As we are weighing our options we still hear the hum until a vehicle pops over the hill. It was then that the hum stops. The car that popped over the hill stopped and I subsequently got a ride home to pick up the truck. But before I left to go retrieve my family I contacted AAA to get the tow. This took about thirty to forty minutes before I would get back to my family.
When I do get back they share some strange things that happened with the cloud before it completely disappeared after I had left.
Hannah recounted this information, “After you left we set there and watched the cloud get smaller. About ten minutes after you left dad said he was hearing the humming again but I didn’t hear it. About five minutes before you got back the cloud dissipated. The humming only lasted a short time dad said.”
Then Abe recounts this information, “I heard a humming about ten minutes after you left, then the sound stopped, and the cloud dissipated.”
The van is towed to my local mechanic and when I went to pick it up he was confused about what had happened. He wanted to know who was messing with the O Ring. He said that it had been twisted off. He couldn’t believe that it happened considering three months prior he had replaced the fuel filter and he knew it was intact. I told him our little adventure and he looked at me like I was crazy.
It wasn’t crazy when we get the photos back. In them we find several orbs in several pictures, but in one particular photo we find an area that has a rectangular shaped white object in it. Was it a UFO or just another strange daily occurrence? Then again what is reality? And will we ever know?

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  1. Interesting…rather than something involving UFOs what you experienced seems to me to be related to the paranormal as in ghosts, etc because orbs are closely related with paranormal activity and that would also more easily explain how the O-ring on the car…possibly the humming sound as well…but that is just my take on it…as for the cloud well there is next to no research on paranormal activity in the air so anything is possible.

  2. I don’t doubt your story. I live inthe high desert of California and have seen alot of odd clouds including ones that look like ufo. Nature can do some odd things. Take a look at the photographs at THECHIVE.COM. Search for weird cloud formations. I would include a link but I’m not that good. Nature is weird and will make you see things and feel things that seem out of this world. Not that we don’t have our share of ufo sightings out here being so close to Edwards AFB.

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