Nancy Clark in the World of the Dowsers in Los Lunas– Is it all True Series #141

Two weeks ago Gary’s group in Los Lunas had another excellent speaker, Nancy Clark, from one of my favorite places, Tucson, Arizona—as I call it, the purple sacred place. Several of Gary’s speakers over the last year have come from the Purple Magic Dome, as I called it when I lived there in the late 90’s.

Nancy mixed together a montage of various important connected topics that will profoundly affect every one of us during the next 2 to 3 years. This post will not allow an in-depth look at Nancy’s talk, but here I will grab a few bits and pieces to awaken your mind for further thought.

First, one of the favorite subjects of our time, 2012 – 11:19 GMT 12-21-12, which may turn out to be the year of super hype; a lot of amazing, strange speculation on what will happen has pushed to the surface. Nancy does say we will be facing the womb of creation, the center of our Galaxy, as we will be in a perfect alignment on that now famous minute in 2012. Will that alignment create the change for the positive that we hope for? I guess the old “time will tell” concept applies here.

DNA—is it now being activated? Nancy says no, for our DNA is in constant change and evolution from the Sun, our earth environment and the quantum power of all life around us.

World violence—a massive change moves on a 500-year wave, and its crest is nearly upon us. Nancy believes this coming chaos will be stabilized with a new order (period of peace).

There is one common prophecy among the Native Americans of North, Central and South America. It is when the American Bald Eagle meets the Condor from the Andes that this massive change will begin to form – this famed meeting has happened on the California Coast not long ago.

Another widely held belief by indigenous peoples (a worldwide prophecy) is that the wise elder women of the earth will heal the earth of its sorrows caused by mankind. There are presently 13 indigenous Grandmothers touring the planet to heal its wounds.

The Russians are using pyramid power with many small and large size pyramids to also heal the earth’s grid system and help prevent the massive earth changes the Russians believe are coming soon.

Next Nancy talked about the Palm Leaf Prophecy written they say by the God Shiva some 9000 years ago. The following are some of the things that were said in these prophecies for our present time.

1. Change coming soon at many levels.
2. Natural disasters, many.
3. There will be divine intervention (I think inter-dimensional).
4. Lessening of negative thought (not able to worry).
5. A new consciousness to understand God.
6. Only pure love on earth.
7. World countries will work together.
8. World leaders will truly work for peace.
9. Earth radiates its own light (increases).

And lastly a subject I feel is most important, fear and the lack of it. This was also a theme in her talk. Simply said, fear makes you small and the lack of it makes you so very huge, like GOD.

Sleep tight – only fear can disrupt your path to creation.

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