Newsletter by Generessa Rose, September

Has the Message Center of your Soul been sending alerts?

Dear Friends,

The Timer in my internal Message Center went DING and I took the
summer off from sending out a newsletter. Just following my own
advice for good self care! As I have said all year, good self care is
essential during these times of extreme energies incoming to and being
generated by the planet and its inhabitants. A lot of CRUD and
imbalance continues to be stirred up. Beware of being tempted by or
caught in the whirlpool.

It is essential to be aware of the timely messages you are receiving
from your Soul. More than ever, it is vital to PAY ATTENTION and
FOLLOW THROUGH immediately in order to ride the personal FLOW of your
Soul more smoothly. The energies of transformation are accelerating,
gaining even greater strength and pressing at the weak spots in our
lives, the areas in which it is time for change. We need to keep up
with the pace of acceleration.

The most frequent categories for change I have seen pressing at people
regard their location, work, relationships and health. If it is time
to make a personal shift, internally and/or externally, there are very
diverse ways that your soul can communicate with you, and it is
important to stay as clear, grounded and peaceful as possible in order
to hear the messages.

Is the alerting DING from the Message Center of your Soul going to be
soft and gentle or require something more aggressive in order to get
your attention?

Perhaps it will be a sudden Knowing that whispers to you as you walk
across the room or you will be alerted by recurring dreams. Pay
attention and follow through! If you find yourself stuck in emotional
debris such as depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc., your soul is
knocking on the door of your consciousness to open up, pay attention
and follow through with clearing out the negative energies. Perhaps
external events will stop what you have been doing, such as being let
go from your job or falling off a ladder. What is the message? What
needs to be changed? What will take you to a higher level and deliver
better self care?

Perhaps a physical condition will present itself. The body is an
almost unlimited way for our subconscious to give us a message. Pay
attention and follow through . . . like one of my clients who received
an actual shot in the arm. Her simple injection by the doctor
suddenly activated a past life trauma which triggered soul loss and
left her feeling ungrounded and hollow. The whole event was a signal
from her soul and was used to activate some issues it deemed time to
clear out. Kudos to her for paying attention to the message (instead
of trying to brush it off and muddle on) and then following through
immediately to do the needed internal clearing and return to balance!

EVERYTHING is a message in these days of deep change and
transformation. As the incoming frequencies are raised, the lower
vibrations become more discordant and more obvious. Change is afoot!
It may not feel good when the Timer dings, but you can be thankful for
the message. As you clear away the debris, you become more receptive
to attracting and accepting the conditions, events and circumstances
that create the more abundant, happy life you prefer. And that begets
greater balance and oneness in the world. Win-win for everyone.

Instead of trying to avoid the Timer and muddle through using Will
Power and distractions, pay attention and follow through. Allow
yourself to receive all the support you need for your transformation
and expanded consciousness, balance, harmony, love and peace . . . the
soil that supports a well-lived life.

Pay attention, follow through and be well!

Generessa Rose

PS If you would like help with your transformation, I conduct
personal sessions by telephone or via Skype worldwide. Just go to my
website and fill in the Contact box.

*Helpful Quote by Anonymous*
Push and it is too early; hold back and it is too late;
at the right time there will be no stopping.

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permission to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that
the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author and
that it is distributed without charge. Thank you.

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