Newsletter from Generessa Rose, August 25, 2011 Shamanic Information about Comet Elenin

Dear Friends,

With the proliferation of theories and fear-based chatter on the
internet talking about disaster coming from the approach of comet
Elenin, I decided to find out the truth for myself. On August 12th I
did a shamanic journey targeting information about the comet and its
effect on Earth. Here is what I found:

For this journey I thought I would be viewing the comet from a
distance; however, I find myself feeling like I am in a very tight,
black ball tumbling through space. I am a little dizzy at first.
(Obviously, Spirit took me literally when I set my intention to go to
comet Elenin; I have become comet Elenin.) In the very far distance I
see the Earth hanging in the blackness of space. At this distance
Earth is very small, about ¼ inch in diameter to my eye. Time passes,
and I am closer to Earth which is much bigger now, and then I speed
past it and swiftly shoot out into space. No drama. I did not crash
into the planet.

Part of my curiosity about comet Elenin has been answered by becoming
Elenin, but I also want to know about the effect this comet will have
on Earth as it flies past, so I ask Spirit for that information.

Regarding the physical effect upon the Earth of the Elenin fly-by,
Spirit replies: Barely a flutter, only as much as butterfly wings
disturb the water when a butterfly flies over.

Spirit then elaborates: The wave of consciousness, however, is
another story. There are those whose internal level of disturbance
about this topic is such that it can create, by virtue of the numbers,
a disturbance, a perturbation in the field of consciousness upon
Earth. The fewer who are disturbed, the less is the perturbation of
the field. View this fly-by with the consciousness that you are
watching a beautiful butterfly fly over the still waters of a pond on
a lovely day. That consciousness will be a service to self and to all
. . . and to the Earth herself.

Spirit ends the message: There is much perturbation upon the planetary
field of consciousness. Do what you can in your own life toward a
peaceful heart and mind and body. BE WELL and ENTERTAIN BEAUTY.

A week later, I heart of the theory that a brown dwarf star was
following comet Elenin and would be the thing that would cause havoc
on Earth, so once again I went to Spirit with the question:

Hanging out in space by myself for awhile, I had no sense of impending
doom; it seemed like the neighborhood was operating normally. I
finally asked Spirit for direct information.

Spirit replied: There is no brown dwarf star to come as an enemy to
planet Earth following the comet. It is all made from the mind of
fear and chaotic thinking. The message to all is: Wreak not havoc
upon your own mind. Let well enough be and deal with what truly is.
As was said before, walk with beauty, and keep a wise eye watching the
display. Be the eye of the storm as things change. You are moving
toward extinction of the old in order to make way for the new. Be
aware. Be wise. Be calm. Brightness will prevail. Above all, love
one another.

And so I pass this information along to you, my newsletter readers,
with the great hope that you will, as Spirit said, be well and
entertain beauty during these changing times!

Generessa Rose

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