Newsletter from Generessa Rose, Feb 14, 2012 Infusion of Love

Dear Friends,

I want to pass along to you part of an experience I had in meditation
last week: My inner sight saw an ephemeral, misty golden cloud
drifting down from above, spiraling in slow motion as it descended.
It was a heavenly blessing. An infusion of Love.

The tricky part is to FULLY ALLOW it.

If we allow it, an infusion of love can serve to remind, re-activate
and expand the experience of love that resides within each of us at
our core. Love is our divine tuning fork. Just as we bring food into
our body with a fork, we can open to the tuning fork of Love and allow
ourselves to be nourished to the very core of our physical and
multidimensional existence.

In the U.S. February 14th is specially designated to celebrate love:
Valentines Day. The culture is awash with ways to reach out to loved
ones. Because of this, the matrix of energy in which we exist is
infused with an extra helping of love . . . so take advantage: open
up, allow, and drink it in!

In addition to fueling my spirit, during the meditation I was aware of
the golden infusion of Love settling into every cell of my body, each
cell happily enjoying the experience of being loved. Aware and
glowing within, gratitude filled me with an appreciation for the
service each cell provides my physical existence. It was natural to
extend a loving THANK YOU to each cell, like a cellular Valentine.

No matter what your circumstances are, remember that the pure energies
of divine Love are there . . . waiting for you to say YES. The I LOVE
YOU of Creation is always ready to adore you. Take advantage of the
day and bless yourself. And by blessing yourself with love, you bless
everyone with whom you come into contact and the entire Matrix of

Thank you for being the Love you are.
May a feast of Love be yours!
I love you; Namaste,

Generessa Rose

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