Newsletter from Generessa Rose, February 14, 2011 Love NOW. . .

Dear Friends,

From my personal experience into many levels and realms of existence,
I know that Love is at the heart of all that is. Love is the spark
that ignites the manifestation of all Creation. Love is seeded into
the core of your very being, always available to nourish your human
self and remind you of The Divine within and beyond.

In the USA, February 14 is a day to remind ourselves to rekindle,
celebrate and express love, so I thought you might like to contemplate
an excerpt of a poem by Gerry Comstock from the Daily Word . . .

Justice is love holding the balance.
Mercy is love being gracious.
Faith is love believing.
Charity is love giving.
Patience is love waiting.
Endurance is love abiding.
Hope is love expecting.
Prayer is love communing.
Sympathy is love tenderly touching.
Comfort is love soothing.
Sympathy is love tenderly touching.
Comfort is love soothing.
Enthusiasm is love burning.
Work is love laboring.
Peace is love resting.
Understanding is love accepting.
Listening is love receiving.
Forgiving is love cleansing.
Teaching is love reaching.
Giving is love circulating.
Receiving is love blessing.

Feeling love and not expressing it is like wrapping a wonderful
present but not giving it. Wherever you are on the planet, let your
love be a circle of blessings as you give it and receive it.

I love you . . .

Generessa Rose

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