Niara Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light– Is it all True Series # 310

GetAttachmentAt our January meeting of the NM UFO Paranormal Forum, we hosted the Lady from Durango, CO. She opened her heart to us all as she spoke about her amazing journey on the edge of human reality. Niara Terela Isley wrote a book where the core of the book was centered on a 3-month period of missing time. But she came to find out she had encounters most of her life and may very well have been part of a cosmic group called the Lyrans.

During Niara’s early years, she endured several brutal abduction scenarios at the hands of alien and military group working together to explore the amazing powers of the human mind and other human-sourced energies.

As you read the book, you deeply feel the intensity of Niara’s physical and emotional being as she explores the whys of this very strange journey. There are three chapters of her abduction hypnosis and one chapter with the famous (late) Budd Hopkins.

The book includes the negative world of the human abduction, but Niara has showed us a path to heal and embrace the new reality, the new earth, a new path.

The journey in this book covers a vast area of knowledge such as alien lover, strange pregnancy, mind control, military experiences, dangers to human freedoms, Star Wars, an alien invasion, politics, cosmic spiritual, mainstream religion and many more topics that prove what I have said for years, it’s all connected. Our reality is truly not what it seems and it’s a totally layered existence, make up of sad, happy and really amazing. Her book is three books in one, 498 pages of small print, great reading and a must read in my world.

Sleep tight, for there are people out there who are figuring it out.

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