Nice story from Sister Priscilla Wolf

I got up after that and drink coffee, this morning our male black cat BJ -died in our front room, he was 3 years old young but had a heart attack, I been hurting bad from my heart for a month now, Grandmother use to say its good to have animals because sometimes the death spirit walks by your home and he will take a animals in place of your life. two months ago in a vivid dream I heard a loud knock in my front door, and I got up to answer the door and it was my Wolf dog Chavelo. who died in 2006 from old age 16 years old. and he was calling my black cat to join him. I didn’t understand the dream, and what I didn’t do was connect the dots. like Paola says in her book ,I’m real heart broken now and we have to bury him soon in our pet cemetery. down the hill. I still have my gray cat female Shasta, they were brother and sister, they were homeless cat locked up in a home that was for-closer, good thing the past owner went by to see why they missed a payment and found a mother cat almost starved and trying to feed six baby cats. I took two at age three weeks old. the rest all got homes and the coyotes ended killing the mother cat cause she was in a open up shed. I taught both cats to pray. BJ was always praying, once I would sit down to pray and he would put his front paws in prayer . he was so lovable I can’t believe he took my pain and died for me. The love for pets is bigger then life. always hug your pets and tell them thank you for being in my life you never know when they will die like our human people will.
Why do we have to die, is my question of the day. I will miss BJ forever. good thing I believe in my Native ways they are here in spirit. and never leave you and they have a Pet Heaven that God Created. Grandmother always said we are joined in Heaven with our Pets. God bless you all who read my letter and remember Pets have feeling too, and they are Angels in your life.

Sister Wolf- Priscilla Wolf

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