Norio Hayakawa speaks in Rio Rancho NM- Is it all True Series #154

On September 14th I attended a talk presented by my friend Norio. Norio is a very courageous explorer/activist whose work includes research at Area 51 and the Dulce underground base area. His talk was done at a senior center where an over-flow crowd of nearly 100 people enjoyed his discussion on why we believe in UFOs. Although I did not agree on all parts of his premise, I firmly believe this is an inter-dimensional phenomenon (UFOs) and a solid spaceship (of our dimensional type) could not make it traveling thousands of light-years to get here.

We also share the same wisdom on the UFO subject through common study of the famous Jacque Vallee; he is one of only a few who really get this phenomenon. Norio spoke of the whole disclosure probability, and that it won’t happen anytime soon. If the government were to come clean on what they presently know, but couldn’t understand/explain it, they would likely lose control of the people.

I would say I also agree that the study of UFOs and the related strangeness can be used to escape the strange “Normal World” we live in, sort of like a happy fairytale movie at the theater, but that doesn’t make it a non-phenomenon; it’s real in a non-real way.

UFOs cannot be judged from a third dimensional viewpoint. I still strongly believe at one time our race of humans could interact freely in multiple dimensions. We lost this ability. I guess we were the bad children of the universe and couldn’t be trusted. We were trapped into our own dimensional prison.

And briefly I would like to say – Norio unleashed a potential blockbuster at the talk. A book is coming about a three-hour interview from a retired military colonel who claims to have worked at the Dulce underground complex. And the book also details some of the activity that took place when the colonel worked there. So if this can be proven true, the lid will open a little more and truth will ooze out.

Note more retired military folks are stepping to the plate and speaking out. Will one hit the home run, or will we get there with bunts and infield singles? All this makes the escape a non-fairytale.

Sleep tight, October 13th is coming, so rest up.


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  1. This is a very good article on the UFO theory because there is a lot truth cover up with lies, the why and what is where the truth lies. All I can think of is the X-files and the shadow Government covering up the truth because they were in ledge with the Aliens. The Truth is Out There!!

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