Norio's Bold Move in Dulce Part 1 -Is it all True Series #66

Coming off of my last weeks Prophecy Posting, let me throw out another prediction for this year- this new Dulce underground base conference in March 2009 could turn the UFO/ Conspiracy world on its head. Norio Hayakawa is spearheading the organizing of this event. On a previous trip in 1990 to Dulce, New Mexico, Norio and a Japanese film crew had an encounter with the not-so-happy local authorities. The sheriffs office held the group for several hours, a sort of minor kidnapping/detaining of this group of foreign citizens from Japan (Although, Norio was an American citizen).

Rumor has it that under the little town of Dulce, there is an underground base, a U.S./alien biological laboratory.

Norio is very much skeptical of the underground base theory in the Dulce area, but he says there is a great deal UFO and paranormal activity in the Dulce area. This paranormal activity of course includes cattle mutilations, which goes back to the 1970’s.

So I believe this is a bold move on Norios part. There will be the local native population, which keep to themselves and are not very open to people outside of their tribal groups. Next the conference will have to deal with the local authorities (tribal police), whom are very autonomist in way they handle civil liberties. Then there is the paramilitary group including private police (Wackenhut) and maybe the FBI (they have official federal juristration on the native reservations). All the above groups could make this a very interesting conference. This is the first time anyone has had the stones to do an event in the backyard of this infamous phenomenon.

The question is, will the world gain more knowledge about this phenomenon or will the same old Dulce paper information be presented. It will be up to the local people to shed more light on the subject. So Norio’s challenge is to motivate them to open up and tell the true story about their experiences.

The name of the conference is The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction? Will the facts be brought to the surface or will fiction continue to rule in Dulce. And there is more to come and 78 days until this amazing encounter.



Norio- his poker face

2 Replies to “Norio's Bold Move in Dulce Part 1 -Is it all True Series #66”

  1. I didn’t know I had a poker face. I am rolling on the floor laughing.
    Yes, I do feel that this conference is receiving quite an attention in the UFO community. Actually, rather than a typical UFO-type conference, this will be more like an Open Public Forum during which anyone could express their thoughts and speak out. Of course, there will be some surprise guest speakers as well as many surprise guests in attendance. Anyway, it will be held on March 29 from 10 a.m. at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn.
    And will probably go on till about 4 p.m., or so. What’s good about this is that the admission to this one-day conference is only $5 a person.
    I am so surprised that the Jicarilla Apache’s Official website mentioned this conference, under EVENTS section!!
    This is amazing. I also got an e-mail about 10 days ago from a former Police officer of Dulce who wrote to me that he had witnessed three “saucer-shaped” objects in a ranch year, hovering about the tree-top level after responding to an urgent call from a local rancher…which is right inside the town of Dulce.

  2. I had no idea I had a poker face. I laughed so hard I had to roll on the floor. Anyway, Mike, I was just recently surprised that the Cultural Affairs office of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, posted the Dulce conference information on their official website.
    I believe that this is going to be a fascinating gathering. The best part about this first-time ever conference is that it only costs $5 a person. Anyway, for those who would like to come, it will be held on Sunday, March 29 at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn in Dulce. It will start at 10 a.m. and will probably go on till around 4 p.m. There will be some surprise guest speakers and also many surprise guests in attendance. The bulk of the conference will be an Open Public Forum during which anyone could express their thoughts and speak out.

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