November 2010 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,

Fall is upon us and winter is waiting in the wings. According to Native traditions, winter is a time for inner reflection. We all need to look within at this challenging time and re-think our beliefs and behaviour.

You have probably been feeling the shift in energy that is bringing challenges into many people�s lives. These challenges, while different for each person, are likely to occur in areas where there have been unresolved issues or ignored feelings. These challenges are a necessary part of moving into higher consciousness. They challenge us to look within and find new ways of responding to old issues.

The best advice I can offer is to deal with whatever is showing up in your life right now rather than shoving it under the carpet or believing you are a victim of circumstances. Addressing the challenges and changes in your life will allow you to move forward unburdened by old emotional baggage.

Making time for inner reflection will allow you to get in touch with how you really feel in the present moment rather than responding to life as you always have in the past. This will result in more rewarding relationships. Inner reflection is always time well spent. Until we look within and become conscious about who we are and what we are doing, and what changes we would like to make, we cannot create the future we want for ourselves.

Our Interconnection to Others

Not only do we need to look within to manifest the future we want, we need to be aware of how our thinking and actions impact others. Just as we are affected by the words and actions of others, they too are affected by our behaviour. When we focus inwardly, we not only give ourselves an opportunity to become more aware of our feelings, our responses and the roles we play in relationships, but we see how others respond to us.

The more sensitive we become to others, the more we understand our connection to all living beings. The Law of Attraction is always at work whether we are aware of this or not. When we pay attention to our own feelings, we become more sensitive and aware of how others may be feeling. This helps us to understand other people better, feel more connected to them, and improve our relationships.  ÂÂ

In fifth dimensional consciousness, we feel a sense of connection to all living beings. Fifth dimensional consciousness is a consciousness of oneness so we can�t continue to believe that what is happening to others is of no concern to us. This belief in separation or the �them and me� mentality is third dimensional consciousness. In third dimensional consciousness, we don�t worry about the suffering of others. All we worry about is ourselves and perhaps those near and dear to us.

If you would like to advance in consciousness, your belief in separation needs to change immediately. The truth is that we are all connected to the web of life at all times but many of us are unaware of this fact because we can�t see this web and because that is not where we choose to put our focus. All dimensions are present in any physical space. What we see or perceive depends on where our focus is.

Everything we do leaves its energy footprint not only in our personal energy field that surround us, but in the planet�s energy field as well. Since we each contribute to the planetary energy field, we need to ask ourselves �What would we like our contribution to be?� Do we want to pollute the field with negativity and fear or do we want to make a contribution by being loving and compassionate? We each have a choice. No one makes us think negatively or positively although sometimes we like to blame others rather than take responsibility for the choices we make.

On a more practical level, when we choose a course of action, perhaps we need to take a moment and ask �How are my thoughts or actions going to affect others?� Is this impression I want to leave? How will my actions be interpreted or responded to by others? So when we are in a more positive loving place, this not only attracts others to us but changes the flavour of the planet�s energy. Imagine if everyone were loving and compassion what the world we live in would look like?ÂÂ

Interestingly, in the Native American tradition, when a tribe made a decision, they would consider how this decision would affect not just them but seven generation hence.

The truth is that whether we are aware of it or not, we each use our psychic abilities to read and react to other people all the time. If you have ever had a first impression, that�s what you were doing- reading the person�s energy.

Many people ask me if someone is their soul mate because of the strong connection they feel towards this person. That feeling of connection comes because you have incarnated with that person in previous lifetimes. Once an energy connection is established, it remains forever because energy cannot be destroyed. This holds true for all souls you have incarnated with regardless of the nature of your relationship with them. A soul mate by definition is someone you have shared another life with no matter if you were lovers, family, friends or enemies.ÂÂ

I mention this sense of connection to soul mates because if you can feel that connection with some people, you will be able to know what it feels like to feel connected to all living beings. For example, when you spend time in nature you feel relaxed because you sense the energy the trees and plants emit. All plants, water, rocks are living beings although their form and expression are different from ours.

It is wise to pay attention to what you are sensing when you are around other people or places. When your mind is not busy thinking about a lot of other things, you are more sensitive to picking up information about others and your immediate environment. We all have these capabilities. Tuning in can help provide insights into others and how you should respond to the person or situation.

In our daily interactions with others, we often have strong emotional reactions. Even if we acknowledge our feelings or share them with others, we generally do not consider how the other person is reacting to us. This needs to change in order to promote better understanding between people. I am sure it must make sense that if you only one see one side of a situation you do not have the whole picture. This lack of awareness naturally affects our decisions and what we contribute to the whole.

A good way to sense your connection to others is to stop for a moment wherever you are, take a few deep breaths to relax your mind, and check in with yourself how you feel in that moment. Then you may want to think about the other person and see if you can pick up how they are feeling after your interaction with them. Then ask in your mind what your best course of action should be.

It is a good practice to stop every hour or so during your day and ask yourself how are you feeling right then. Ask yourself what does your body want right now � food, rest, time in nature, excitement, company, etc? Your body is the repository of your feelings and is therefore the best source of information, not your head. Our brain is great for logic and problem solving but it is not where our emotions are stored. Those are stored in all the cells of our bodies.

In fact our bodies respond to our thoughts instantaneously. This has been proven medically. To prove this to yourself say �I trust everything is okay� and pay attention to how your body relaxes. Then say a negative thought and see if your body tenses up.

Becoming more loving and compassionate and learning new ways to interact with others requires a shift in our thinking and being consciously present in every moment. What we need to do is acknowledge our feelings and those of others, take responsibility for our actions and allow our feelings of love to flow.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance.ÂÂ
Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney

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