Nuclear Arms Limits via a Cosmic Influence – Is this all True Series #130

President Obama last week made some powerful overtures on revamping our Nuclear Arms Strategy. I truly believe not only does he wants to limit nuclear arms but reduce them in total. Obama is saying we will not use nuclear weapons against any non-nuclear countries, excluding Iran and North Korea.

This Nuclear Posture Review is part of a nuclear diplomacy move and includes an Arms Control Meeting with the Russians to sign a new arms control agreement.

Now for the IDE (inter-dimensional entities) angle. I believe these beings from another place, dimension or otherwise, have been a heavy influence on the world’s nuclear ambitions. It started in the 40’s at the end of the World War II when Germany, U.S., and Russia were experimenting with that Nuclear Genie. Once a famous test happened at White Sands, New Mexico, the skies open and UFOs were everywhere to monitor and check humans out. The sheer volume of these high flying UFOs caused a few to crash into the New Mexico countryside.

I have heard over and over again during my 1000 plus interviews I have done with abductees and close-in contactees, that a nuclear blast kills human souls, and also may penetrate and destroy into other dimensions. Note that IDEs have done many interventions at nuclear installations around the world over the last 65 years. So who knows the IDEs have probably saved us from ourselves many times in the past. I also believe the earth is being forced into a nuclear arms reduction and if we don’t comply the IDEs will appear and create a total change of mind state and a new paradigm of our human culture, but the choice is still ours.

President Obama’s National Security Council had over 150 meetings with various governments around the world, which helped create this new nuclear policy. I will tell you that IDEs were hanging at a few of these meetings from their other- world state, but their concerns were definitely heard by all participates.

Sleep Tight – Hopefully our White house and the “others” especially the others will keep the mushroom clouds off of our horizons.


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