Open Your Cosmic/Soul Door Only with a Lot of Care –Is it all True Series #208 ?

Photo From Diane Camillo

I typically write about the Ouija board on or around the Halloween season, I am a little late this year, but I understand that the second most used Ouija board day is New Years Eve, so I am early for that event. Also, check out my two-part post from July 17th and July 24th 2010 on the “Board”.

What got me to write this post was a movie I saw called the “ Rite “ a movie about exorcism and the Catholic Church. My belief has always been that vast majority of the people that go through this extreme exorcism process probably really need psychological help and not an exorcism. I would guess about 95% fall in that category, but there is the 5% that have an entity trapped in their body, and I guarantee that some let it in through the Ouija board game. I also believe the Catholic Church has created the morphic field through their preaching about a world full of demons. Now I am not saying there are not some bad beings in the world, but I suspect if you left them alone they would not bother us Humans. A sea of dimensional beings surrounds us and most have little or no interest in us. They only seem to react when we go looking for trouble. How I must confess I have taken digital photos of some of these beings – in my vortex photography, but only once have I felt threatened by their presence.

When using the Ouija Board you can open yourself up to allow an entity into your soul/mind and take temporary procession of you. There are only a handful of people in the world who should mess with the Ouija board and they are a small group of powerful shamans, who know how to protect themselves against a Psychic invasion.

We must all remember that we are powerful quantum beings so what we think we create.
So dwelling on demons will create and bring them to us and once they arrive, if fear rules in your mind, they have you. So if you screw-up and create/attract one — be fearless and tell them to go back, they must obey their master – You.

Sleep tight – dream super good thoughts and super good things will happen.


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