Orange Orb! By Mary Muñoz © August 17, 2008

It would be simple too jump in where I left off in my last writing about the meeting of my dad and the connection we had, but up until a specific event in 1994 I would not really understand the entire story, because up until this moment in time I didn’t question what I was hearing, feeling, or seeing.
The event I am referring to began at approximately 1:15 – 1:20 AM on an early spring, possibly March, night. Hannah, my daughter, woke up very ill. Due to our circumstance at the time we were sharing the only bed we had and the only set of sheets we owned. I had no choice but to get up and wash the linens. After putting everything in the washer I walked over to the kitchen window, just a few feet away, but found that the neighbor’s house blocked my view at the distant horizon. I wanted a better view of the night sky; I figured I would have an hour before the linen would be completely done washing and drying. So I walked to the back door, which faced the same direction.
I live in a small community in Central New Mexico. To our east is an area that has Clines Corner and a section of hills named the Perdernal. The southern end of the horizon, from my vantage point, is the Perdernal Hills. The northern section of the horizon, which is blocked from my vantage point, is a stop on Interstate 40 called Clines Corner.
I am now focused to the horizon between the two points of interest. I was there only a minute or two when I saw an orange orb come directly straight up from the horizon line. Now a regular person would have wondered about the orb and question it, but that was not my reaction. I didn’t wait to see in which direction it was going. I instinctively ran. I ran to the bedroom my daughter and I shared. I grab her pushing myself into the corner of the bed, up against the wall, under a shelving unit, hoping I would not be seen. I started praying to God that they would not take her. I repeated this prayer over and over. Then…
…I heard a sound I will never forget to this day. It is hard to explain in this format, but I will try. The sound rotated as if it was moving in a circular motion. It would come in and then out by going lower and louder. It had an eerie feeling to it. And when I heard it approaching I prayed even harder, held onto Hannah even more, and was rocking back and forth with tears flowing down my cheeks. I can’t tell anyone how long it took for the sound to leave, but I do know that it wasn’t short enough me.
Once the sound left in the direction toward the northwest I knew we were safe, but I would not let go of Hannah. Instead I grabbed for the remote and turned on the television. I reached over and took the receiver of the phone and called my brother who was working a swing shift. Out of the blue for no reason I am trying to find anything to talk to him about. I needed to have human contact. Surprisingly Hannah slept through the entire event.
I stayed up the rest of the night and called my dad at 5:00 AM to tell him what had happened, because he was my trust. His only words to me were, “Let me see what I can find out.” It was later that day that he would call me back and state that it was a confirmed sighting, but the next question for me was, “Why did I react the way I did?” Come on I was a born again Christian who lived a normal life working for the ministry full time. I only saw things…I didn’t experience things…or did I? And why was I so scared and repeating what I was stating for Hannah’s protection? Something wasn’t right!
This experience would remind me of an event that occurred on January 2, 1990, which we will look at next week. And we might jump around in my life, but there is a reason…this is a puzzle, but the pieces are scattered over a lifetime of experience…in the end they will all come together to create a picture. One that still amazes me to this day…
Mary .

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