Our Cosmic President, the Ritualist -the power of words-plus his Astro-chart -Is it all True Series #69

So the day after he was sworn in as our 44th president, he made the Chief Justice do it again for good measure, since the Chief Justice screwed-up the original oath of office on inauguration day. But my understanding is it would have been just fine according to constitutional law. But Obama being a ritualist, as I believe he is, the sequence of those spoken words meant everything to him and his future success. You would think he was a closet Mason, Templar or a Cabalist. The exact sequence of words can be powerful magic. Words can move millions of people as Obama’s words have done. Being an amazing public speaker is just one trait coming from his astrological chart.

Here are some aspects of our president’s chart. Officially he was born August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, HI at 7:24 pm. Of course some have debated that right up to the last moment before his swearing in. But I think the chart fits the man. This date, time and location makes him a Leo, the sign of the King, and his leadership stands strong and firm. Please understand I am not an expert on all aspects of his chart, but this is what I see. It is one of the most intense charts I have ever seen, with many squares and fixed signs. This is a very complex man, lots of stuff going on. Neptune squared shows spirituality, creating illusion and mystically inclined. Uranus in Leo is a potentially explosive trait or emotional power when needed. Moon in Gemini means emotional on a mental level, but not a drama queen. Venus in Cancer shows his love of family, nurturing and caring. Mars in Virgo means he has great attention to detail and sees the Big Picture. As a Leo he has a healthy balanced ego although his Aquarius ascendant could pull it occasionally to one side or the other.

This chart pushes him to perfection; it commands him to fix the big issues around him. This is a perfect chart for the man who has a super-sized plate of challenges before him. If his chart is half true, the cosmos have given us an exceptional leader in a world on the edge.

It makes you think, has the need created the man or has he just been sent here to satisfy his chart?

Enjoy – this is going to be one hell of a year – for America’s redemption.


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  1. Hi there nice write up. my grandmother was a seer passed way in 1972- a believer in star people, other worlds. and visions. she predicted a black president that would come before 2012, the end as we know it, racial war in USA, and starvations,a leader that would help the poor in USA, the rise of Indian people, and our holy ways. the return of the holy ones. I have felt Obama is very special send by the Gods. grandmother use to say a black man a leader will enter from the west and the old and young will dance in the streets with joy.

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