Our First Small Step Towards Contact–Is it all True Series #94

Well, on the 11th of July a party of three went on a road/ hiking trip about 35 miles from Albuquerque. Their mission was to start the relationship building process with the inter-dimensional being called Sasquatch.

After the 45-minute road trip the fun started—we hiked into a mountainous area, which tested both our physical and mental abilities. We all discovered how out of shape we really were. Using the dowsed map of the area provided by my buddy Kewaunee, we located an area between a known Sasquatch hot spot and a vortex area. This particular area was on the side a forested hill with a fortress-looking rock formation.

Next we each meditated at different time frames. Our separate meditations were done so as to not confuse the cosmic airwaves. My personal meditation was very peaceful, but nothing eventful. The other male in the party had a similar, pleasant experience but no contact. Now our female team member had a vision of a craft and some beings including two Sasquatch. She claims to have never seen anything look like this in any of her past meditations, so maybe this was our small step.

Next we needed to find secure places for our offerings to the Sasquatch. Our offerings consisted of organic apples, chocolate, fresh garden rosemary and garlic. We put the apples and the chocolate on a high rock shelf on a wooden bark plate. The rosemary was placed on a lower rock shelf and the garlic was hung in the branches of an old dead tree in the fortress area, sort of like a Christmas tree effect.

As we were talking in the fortress area I happened to look up and witnessed a huge flying creature of sorts gliding overhead, it was quick and I was the only person to see it. The thick forest canopy limited the time of the sighting.

This was an extremely beautiful area. It looked and felt enchanted, where anything could happen and probably has. I took about 75 random forest pictures; most looked normal but there were a few (possible vortex hits) which catch some strange images. I will share a few in the coming weeks. Please let me know (with a comment) if you see something unusual. I also got this great Hummingbird shot- see below.

In a few weeks we will go back to the enchanted forest and see if our offerings were accepted. And maybe our small step will lead to greater things.

Sleep tight, your dreams won’t bite.



The Hummer

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