Our Many Realities—-Is it all True Series # 335

alien pokerSo as I was sitting waiting for my plane at the Albuquerque airport, I observed hundreds of people moving to the various gates, with no knowledge that their present reality was not the only one on this planet. I have three and maybe more realities: one, my family life, which holds some of my personal secrets; next, my work life, which holds other secrets; and then my UFO/Paranormal researcher life, where all these secrets have made the heads spin of some surprised new visitors to my UFO reality.

On this particular flight I met a professional poker player. Wow, that is an interesting profession – very much like a UFO/paranormal researcher, as we both measure risk. My risk measurement involves figuring out who I should approach with this strange but true knowledge, who will be open-minded enough to look at the possibilities. Since there is limited time for our adventure here, this time must be spent wisely. A poker player also has very limited time and must collect data on his opponents quickly and precisely. Even though lady lucky has a part in the game, the mental poker game separates the medium and lesser players from the winners. Two more key concepts which are common to both poker playing and paranormal researching are focus and detail.
Focus is what gives the UFO researcher the ability to separate the disinformation from the truth. Intense focus allows the researcher to gather valuable information that is constantly missed in our environment. Every time we breathe there is something we can learn, and most people miss this. To the professional gambler focus is what keeps them sane in the total distraction of a gambling hall/casino.

And finally there is detail, and gathering and paying attention to the smallest detail can gain the most valuable knowledge. In the UFO/Paranormal world the small stuff holds the real truth, in the detail lies the reality. For the Poker player the detail is learning/observing your opponent’s movements, speech, manners and his apparent focus, and knowing all that can make the long-term difference between winning and losing.

The most interesting people can be sitting next to you on an airplane; search them out, it’s worth the effort.

Sleep tight …. For focus and detail are keys in the search for truth and knowledge.

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