Our Presidential Candidates and their Alien Being Reflections (hitchhiker) Is it all True Series #25

I have always speculated that in each of us there is a reflection of an alien being, who is sharing our body vessel. They have joined in our journey for the past 70+ years. During many interviews with contactees and abductees I have felt these “others” inside them. Sometimes these inner beings show only a slight essence of their presence, but others dominate their host body. I believe the influence of this strange relationship changes over time. If you have ever read Ruth Montgomery and the walk-ins, Ruth shows these beings as suddenly moving into the human vehicle and completely transforming personalities and souls.

So lets move on to some less serious observations about alien being reflections in our present candidates for President of the US of A. First lets look at Hillary Rodham Clinton– in her is a Gray being at the highest intelligence level (there are several levels of Grays). They are typically short in stature. The Grays display a most precise focus on a goal and will do anything to get it and at times in complete denial of the probable outcome. They can also be a chameleon and change colors and directions as needed to be successful, sometimes using real truth and also real lies to manipulate the masses. A tenacious fighter, and a great team player as long as she/ they are leading the team.

Barack Obama has a Nordic in him, they are normally blue-eyed blondes, but many have dark hair and brown eyes with attractive features (and a few have large ears). The Nordics are at times very naive, and their promises are not always fulfilled. They will not break the law of non-interference into human affairs, except if the Grays are affecting them directly (in negative way). If Nordics want, they can dominate and push back the Grays and most other alien beings.

Finally, the MIB type alien resides in John McCain. The MIB’s have very pale lifeless skin and light sensitive eyes (love sunglasses). They don’t conform well to social patterns and they sometimes are time disoriented. They can’t handle psychological curve balls or interruption of their plans (show anger). And lastly the MIB’s impersonate government officials.

One last comment — GWB has a Reptilian hitchhiker (enough said).

Sleep tight; don’t worry, our government is watching over us.


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