Out of body( ND) with a Light Entity —Is it all True Series #26

During my many years as a manager, I had to put up with encounters with various vendors trying to sell my company something. Occasionally a few would bring an interesting story or two (also check out my posting “Lady In Black” Dec. 7th, 2007). So one day Peter shows up, a salesman from a large trucking company. Despite the fact that this was our first time meeting and he was supposed to be there on business, Peter immediately starts talking about some of his personal experiences, so there were strange vibes in the air. Peter starts by telling me he had two near-death experiences, both in the hospital. Also Peter at this time told me he had been diagnosed with leukemia and at times had been extremely ill.

Now, his first out-of body (ND) experience happened after exploratory surgery to find the cause of terrible prolonged stomach pain. As he laid on the table in the OR, he noticed people were cutting on his stomach and he was awake and told me, “it was an odd scene”, then suddenly he rose into the air, leaving a duplicate body on the table as the hospital staff continued to work on him. As he continued to rise, has whole body turned toward the ceiling and this intense light figure appeared. It looked like a spiral column of light with two slits of brighter light towards the top of the column (maybe eyes)?

Peter called this thing his light entity (LtE). This entity telepathically asked Peter if given a choice, does he choose to stay here or move on to the beyond. Even though LtE’s presence felt wonderful and had a very calming effect, Peter decided to stay on happy earth. So back into his body and good to go, he recovered nicely. About three years later, Peter was back in the hospital with complications from the leukemia, blood clots around the heart. So again he has a near-death experience, this time the LtE welcomed him to the place “beyond”, but Peter said “please no not now, I have a small child and my wife is pregnant, please a little more time”. LtE said, “This could be your last opportunity so make the best of it.” (I guess you can do a little negotiating). So again he gets through the surgery and returns to his family. But from that day on he longed to go to the beyond. His leukemia went into total remission, to the doctors’ surprise. Sidebar: Peter’s brother (a MD) worked for the CIA in Frederick, MD at Fort Detrick Cancer Research Center (which may or may not have a meaning here) .Peter would also periodically see a small light ball floating in his house, and it was calming and peaceful.

The last thing the Light Entity told Peter was that Truth is the most important concept in the Universe, hence this website



Fly Body – FLY.

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