Out of the Shadow and into the Light- The Man and his enlightened Pigeon – Is it all True Series #57

It has always been my belief that major human inventions and discoveries were stimulated by alien contact. For the most part, this contact was unknown to the receivers (the humans). With that in mind lets spend a few minutes talking about one of the greatest intellectual of the last 200 years.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in the Austrian empire. According to legend, he was born precisely at midnight during an electrical storm. He is known for his major contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism. His work with the AC motor and power distribution systems brought on the second Industrial Revolution. For his 1894 demonstration of wireless communication, the Supreme Court credited Tesla with being the inventor of the radio in 1943. Tesla also contributed to the establishment of early robotics, remote control, computer science, ballistics, nuclear physics and X-rays.

He obtained over 300 patents worldwide and many more of his discoveries went un-patented. As time went on Nikola became known as a bit of a mad scientist. He started working on the transmission of electrical energy without wires, a system he said would provide free energy worldwide, to the dismay of big industry who were hoping to reap huge profits from AC power and its delivery. Tesla would theorize that electricity and magnetism had the power to warp space and time and that humans could control this power. He spoke of anti-gravity machines, teleportation, and even time travel. And his thought photography was out of this world, taking a picture of one’s thoughts.

The Tesla Flying machine concept was a sort of ion-propelled aircraft. It was a plane without wings, run entirely by electro-magnetic maybe a (flying saucer?). And then there was his Teslascope, an invention to communicate with other planets. He had hinted to the world that he had picked up signals from others planets. Was this true or just the rant of a madman?

Next there was this very beautiful female white pigeon with light gray tips on its wings that seemed to follow him everywhere. He loved this pigeon, a soul mate to him in his late years. One day the white pigeon flew through his window for the last time, and Tesla knew her end was near. She told him that his time was also near, and it was. This bird or whatever it was may have assisted him on his amazing journey that promoted and fueled human progress.

Enjoy the You Tube video below— a tribute to this amazing man.


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