Part two of my visit to Tennessee, Sister Wolf

part two of my visit to Tennessee, Monday I was at the Tennessee health spa, one woman asked why her mother who passed away was saying spirits of her past ones were present. I worked with elders and dying Patients and everybody sees their loved ones or pets.Tuesday I celebrated my birthday in Florence, Alabama at Apple bees. several teenage boys and girl joined us with other people. very interesting young people who have experienced UFOs, one boy was a healer about age 18. one boy had experienced a triangle UFO over Tennessee. in 2007. met two alien contacts, had to be the best birthday party with members of a group in that area. meeting Tom Hendrix was the high light of my trip. another high light was Actor, Western singer Cherokee Johnny Sands from Nashville Tennessee. check his website I’m also part of his web site. I met a new friend. Johnny had a experience with a UFO encounter in Las Vegas Nevada. photos enclosed. My Memphis event was great small gathering of 20 or 25. the 13th of June 09 Eddie Middleton ,Mufon state director and radio host of night search- met some great interesting people very open to UFOs, abductions, 2012 , and many had questions ,I did a two hour presentation .. time went to fast…. another book for Brent Raynes and Priscilla Wolf. will let everyone know once out ” Weavers of Dream Time- Mysteries of time and Space” also Eddie Middleton had a DVD for sale of Priscilla Wolf for those who missed the event. I want to thank those who shared great storys, Nancy and Mike Myhan, Xavier Frye, Beverly Pie, Linda Geralds, Melody Johnson, and many others I will keep sharing their beautiful encounter storys. until next time have a great day….

Johnny and Sister Wolf


Johnny’s encounter

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