Part two Story of a demon, devil, or was it a skin walker?- Sister Wolf

It was in 1949 when we lived in Sargent a small farm area of San Luis Valley, Colorado.
Do you remember? Tony asked his sister Maria, when dad got beat up by the devil.
I had forgot I was to small to remember.
One night dad came in all drunk as always fighting with mom.
get out mom hollered at him go sleep in the barn or shed.
he stumbled out and he was screaming bad words outside.
when they heard him screaming help me please, Im getting beat up.
they looked out side all they could see was a black shadow of another man beating up dad, Tony said.
they were able to get my dad toward the house and the shadow vanished.
he was all scratched up and beaten up real bad. he claimed the devil beat him up. he was so scared.
he said; it was half human and half animal had claws like the devil!
they called his father who lived in Nevada, a medicine man who prayed over him for ten months, dad didn’t drink,
as soon as his father left he started to drink again.
so I guess the devil didn’t scare him that bad.
his father said it was a demon soul taker…

Sister Wolf

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