Phoenix Lights – 11 years past, Plus a recent strange event -Is it all True Series #29

Was the event that occurred this past Monday evening on April 21st a rerun of the super event that occurred about 11 years ago, the famous lights and objects over Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, known all over the world? No, it was quite probably a hoax. Those were probably flares or maybe a candle lantern or two but remember during the original flap, as per my analysis of the videos and interviews with eyewitnesses back in 1997, I strongly believe part of the sightings was a flare hoax, a military creation to cover-up the “UFO mini-attack” as I called it. Next is a re-post of my original Phoenix lights piece.

My View – Lights over Phoenix March 1997 – Mini- Invasion
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For about a 2-week period in March 97, it was a strange world for most of southern Arizona. I was walking out to my car to go to work about 7:00am on a bright sunny day in Tucson and there in the northern sky were at least 7 or so white balls of something moving rapidly east to west. Then several evenings/nights around March 13th the big wave hit the Phoenix area. Lights, huge craft, even strange little beings were reported. The city got crazed and thousands witnessed the event.
Symington, the Governor of Arizona at the time, on the 10-year anniversary of the event admitted he saw the Huge Craft and said, “the craft I saw was enormous, it just felt other-worldly.” At the time the Governor put on a mock news conference about the capture of the alien who caused all of the uproar. One of Symington’s advisors dressed up like a large Grey; it was a lot of fun. But inside he knew different.
In Casa Grande AZ located between Tucson and Phoenix, there was a daylight sighting by several reliable individuals who saw this huge ship the size of several football fields slowly move across the sky; they described it as awesome and very scary at the same time.
And of course there were plenty videos of the event. Some of the objects did truly look like flares lighting up and burning out in a sort of formation, even though the Military denied any aircraft or flares in the area. There were other videos, which were quite amazing, orbs of light moving from the ground to the sky and back. Large craft with no lights blocking out the sky, stars, moon, etc.
Conclusion: The flare lights were military disinformation to cover the main event- something the military couldn’t control but knew it was there. It was a wonderful two-week period I will never forget – lots of light, action and crazy fun. The Mini-Invasion worked. phoenix1997lights.jpg

I personally will never forget the 1997 event. Everyone needs to remember this event’s scope was huge from Nevada to northern Mexico. Thousands of people saw many lights and hundreds of daytime sightings. I personally saw 7 daytime objects and several strange lights over the Catalina Mountains near Tucson.
One interesting fact about the recent 2008 sightings is that on the same night, Phoenix-type sightings were also sighted in Florida and Germany, were they coincidental releases, candles, flares or maybe that mysterious swamp gas? -A Whitley quote.

Enjoy – LIFE is getting very short, but lets still have much JOY!


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