A month has passed quickly since I last posted. I’ve had to take some extra measures for my own safety on the request of a neighbor who is a policeman and who is interested in “my case” and because the assumption is that the “house not home, but house located directly behind my house is a suspect meth house, and arising out of this is these men may feel that I have seen to much and know to much about their on-going situation, therefore they would like to scare me out of my home by instilling the fear into me that I spoke of last month’s posting. They have I believe succeeded in causing great fear, but seemingly my strength to overcome somewhat comes from neighbors who are taking care of me and some very special friends in my life. As I sit at the computer late this evening as in the last two evenings, I hear heavy footsteps on the roof of my home! The walking eventually quits.

Now, I question these frightening scenarios because of recent events. What I have been living through in the last two months are these incidences human or alien caused??

Three days ago when I awoke in the morning even before I dragged myself out of bed, pulling back the sheets and covers and throwing my legs to the side of the bed I noticed a small red needle mark on my left leg that was somewhat painful. Examining the leg closely I found the new needle mark which was put on top of an old “marking” that I had been given some years ago by the Grey’s indicating that I (for a lack of words here)”belong” to the family of Grey’s who come from the Orion star grouping. Within the last two weeks I have also woken up with unusual bruising that fade quickly.

Hmmm okay, now the new needle mark is over the last of the old needle markings. Now what is that supposed to mean? I do not have any memories of a previous abduction on that specific evening, so as I said before they (the alien abductors) are not allowing me to have the memories of the abductions like they allowed me to have for so many years.

I am a woman since my “awakening”( in the late summer of 1988) who had the growing support of her husband who eventually protected her by his understanding, learning and living through this phenomenon with me. The many nights that my husband would hold me tightly and comfort me is no longer here to do that. Having to take care of myself now is a different learning experience through these fearful times and I now can realize the reality of fear and emotions that many of my single alien/milab clients have lived through alone. Its not fun……life can be quite miserable. I understand now the strength that each of my single clients developed within their selves to overcome the threat, fear of being by their selves while experiencing and living through these abductions coming from their alien or milab abductors I commend them so high because of who they are and working through their life struggles by themselves.

(As I am typing this post at this very moment I hear through an open window a man’s voice who is saying my name and I do not understand what else he is telling me. He is talking very softly seemingly from the top of the roof (?) of my home)! Well folks its time to turn off the computer, shut the window quickly and exit this room! Trying to remain as calm as I can be. My prayer is that this human, or extraterrestrial, will find peace in his heart to leave me in peace.


  1. I still think whatever it is just wants to scare you and nothing more. After all it can obviously get into your house and if it really wanted to harm you it would at least try to be quiet. It’s intention seems to be only to scare you or maybe just to get your attention.

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