Post Erroneous?? (A Correction)

I was alerted to the fact that the information I posted last week in regard to Mr. Gilles Lorant having reported that on February 12 the US air Force and the National Guard presented a report on the subject of UFO’s to numerous nations. This report I was informed is erroneous. In the vastness of this community of investigators, researchers and interested people you also have “debunkers” or people who think they know it all who try to persuade or bend “the truth” onto this community which include alien abductees, contactees, and experiencers in this phenomenon.

My rule is and I tell all of my clients or people who are interested in this phenomenon to listen closely; or in what they read in regard to this phenomenon. If the given information feels right to you then perhaps the given information is correct for you. Go with your gut feelings. But do explore further in your own research for the truth if there is any doubt on what you hear or read and follow up on your extensive research on the topic.

I myself do not know Mr. Gilles Lorant so what I would do is research his credibility into this phenomenon. Knowing though that I did receive this report from a very credible source and knowing the correctness from my source, were the two of us given incorrect information? This information seems to be circling on the web right now. Or was this an actual secret meeting between the US Air Force and the National Guard? Just as any other information that has been given to me I weigh the given information for its correctness by if the information is repeated through the media or heard through other credible sources who have the known information or who have researched the fact on the particular topic or subject.

Over the years I have been told of UFO investigators/researchers having such a meeting amongst government people. An investigator friend of mine was included in such a meeting or “conference” of sorts. Particular names of the government people who did meet with these investigators/researchers were given. I find in Mr. Lorant’s report he does not name the representatives of the several countries and/or does not name the nations/countries that attended this meeting. Who are the three American senators who requested a cycle of three meetings which included the presence of forty representatives of a twenty eight member states? I find this to have a lot of “lack of information”. I do know that the Vatican has a lot of information and knowledge regarding this particular subject. Written or otherwise and is located in the Vatican and each new elected Pope receives this knowledge of information if he does not already have the given history. It is no secret about our elected Presidents since the Truman/Roosevelt era that each new President is well educated on this phenomenon. From the point of the signed contracts between the Universal extraterrestrials and governments of planet earth are given new advanced technology from these Universal extraterrestrials for the continuance of allowing the abductions of humans for their (extraterrestrials) research medical or otherwise investigations.

But again this is Mr. Gilles Lorant’s story and perhaps it is true. Just as my story of a large night time meeting between all heads of various different countries throughout planet earth along with the Federation of all Extraterrestrials. Many humans who read my book “Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee” probably doubted what I had to write about in regard to an experience I had that involved the Federation and Heads of many countries. I know it is my truth and perhaps this is Mr. Gilles Lorant’s truth. One thing though I mentioned some high profile names who were in attendance at this meeting. Only the many other human abductees and I brought back our memories of this experience. I know this to be my truth of this experience, and I tried to relay names, places etc. in my writing.

The excitement I experienced when I read Mr. Gilles Lorant’s story hoping for its truth in what he had to say, was diminished when the news of perhaps his story was (or could be) erroneous. So this is just a small rock in my road of life and or truth, as we all band together and seek out the known truth and let it be made known to all human kind!

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