Friends are having gathering Sat at 8pm to pray for a healing for me Priscilla wolf/Sister Wolf –surgery neck and spine on 9-9-09 prayers are requested for 8pm Sat 8-29 09 pass this on the more the stronger the spirit will help me thru this. remember a healer cannot heal themselves , god bless everyone.

I want to share the most beautiful vision I had a few weeks ago a Bald eagle landed on my balcony and we got to stare at each others eyes. I also want to thank Marlene for starting this prayer circle for me. for those that heard me talk about my Indian Angel girl I call her Hedi…here is a art work of her ,she appeared in August, once again , next to my bed on the wood floor praying- with four white candles on front and side of her with a white circle around them she seemed to be praying for everyone this time, it was a second vision. would be so nice if by any chance a miracle would happen and I would be healed without surgery, please ask others to pray for me thank you, remember the date 8-29-09 8PM this Sat

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