Priscilla Garduno Wolf—-Spanish & Apache– 2/10/09

I’m a self- professed storyteller, in Spanish and English- Artist and A-author. I also work with energy healing’s.
I was raised with my Apache Grandmother and Spanish grandfather who was from Spain. We lived in Southern Colorado. My family came from Northern New Mexico.
both grandparents were healers- also on my side of my father, the Garduno’s; they were well known at their time on earth as healers and people with mystic powers. So much of my gifts are inherited. I grew up where all was normal and we live in two worlds. Whichever one is real to you is where you live at.
I learned to heal myself and to learn English by lip reading, thought form, soul travel, live in two worlds & walk in two worlds. Dream visions, Lucid dreaming- I remember my past to age 10 months old— at four years old, my life changed- it was my first sighting of a UFO it was 1948- in the day. In San Luis Valley, Colorado at my grandparents farm. I had been playing with my dolls when I noticed from my bedroom window- a object over our field in the air. ( No sound) And a little gray man with a rod checking the ground. The outfit looked astronaut like and the rod -Egyptian like. He turned around and faced me ( about half block away) East toward the ( Pinon Hills)
and he lifted the rod toward me and a flash of light went straight to my head, scaring me, and it vanished, into the space craft. I remember running toward the kitchen to where my family was at. and screamed I had seen the devil, being raised Catholic all unknown to me was evil. Grandmother said I had seen a star person and he had blessed me. ( a Thunder Being)…. My grandfather came in and heard me talking all upset he took me by the hand toward the field where he had seen it to, and there was a round burned area for many years nothing ever grew there nor would our horses or sheep go close to that area. Grandfather explained it was the Thunder beings, or the Star people, that had been around for thousands of years. a few days later I was able to see the dead and speak to them.

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