Priscilla wolf my trip to Tennessee. part one….‏

Arrived in Nashville Tennessee June 6th, Brent and Joan Raynes were there to meet me. We went to the Museum in Nashville,The Parthenon, Greek parthenon what was amazing a week before or so, I send Brent a Email of my Dream- travel in a craft to a place that was so beautiful. When we got there and entered it was like my dream- part of it- I had been there Soul traveled- in My dream Craft that looked like a UFO. After that we went to visit Sandy Nicolas, a UFO contactee. who has written a book, we ate at his home, beautiful Mansion. I was very tired as we headed home to his home town.

rested and the week was full of events, gatherings and outings. Most interesting visit was to meet Yuchi Tom Hendrix and his wall. Tom built a rock wall that has taken him over 30 years to built in memory of his Indian great-great (Te-Lah-nay) grandmother. his book “If the Legends Fade” he also has a DVD, we took pictures and we walked the Rock path . What was amazing the place there has a circle place of power, like a horse shoe. Its the woman’s womb.

I walked in it, no picture can be taken of it, respect, I felt such a powerful force- pulling me down. Without knowing the story behind it. I heard Tom’s story and asked him why I felt this force? what was amazing also he has a gift altar -I didn’t have gift to give so I gave a Apache tear drop- black rock from my medicine bag, after our walk we once again talked to Brother Tom. and he showed us the rock his Grandmother had on her walk home form Oklahoma Indian nation to Alabama. five year walk home. The black rock he showed me- was just like the black rock- I put at his altar. coincidence or not?

We took pictures of us togather. So he can show of all Indian people that go there from New Mexico and Arizona and other places to visit this sacred place. it was a special place I will never forget. We visit Indain Mounds, never seen one before. The Tennessee Health Spa, for the wealthy was amazing beautiful visited the Nature bridge, and prayed while I was there it was used my the natives at one time as a sacred place for prayer . I took many pictures remined me of the Apache story the Alge people who came with fear.

Monday June 8th 09 at 6 am I woke up to see a beautiful white butterfly in my bedroom flying real close to me. A thank you from the spiritual world. also a ghost of a woman or spirit by the door.

I did my first event on Wed- June 10th at the Tennessee health spa. I heard a frog singing its song on the river next to the place- I did my talk and storytelling. That night, I dreamed that old frog singing to me in a man’s voice.” Aren’t you happy life is for the living! and the living just ain’t right” what a beautiful dream. second part next

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