Priscilla Wolf Speaks.-update

Update news all is the same with me, but otherwise, raining here alot and getting cold. time for the firewood to burn in my fireplace. State fair here in Albuquerque ends Sunday I will go to celebrate my grandsons 5th birthday Gray Wolf … on the October 6th I will be in Presbyterian hospital main one off Central and I-25.. for neck surgery, I did talk to several people who had the surgery and are ok, just don’t drive they say… ok not much I can do for the pain, its been my closest friend fr three months now. we went to the UFO watchtower BBQ of friends nice to go to Colorado once again and walk bare footed on the land that I was born at… that was labor day weekend… news… Christopher O’Brien new book The tricksters…. Coast to coast Am September 27th 09 11PM to 3Am 3 whole hours of Chris with George Noory. Chris is well known for San Luis valley UFO investigator and book author, amazing great person, he does write a little about me too!
Joe Fex will be in Memphis Tennessee Halloween October-09 at Eddie Middleton UFO Mufon in Tennessee.
Priscilla wolf with Brad Steiger October 23-09 on skin walkers & ghost stories the Jeff Rense program. I known Brad since 1964… great author in the UFO world. and beyond…. from Priscilla Wolf in New mexico have a great day…
forgot to add I’m on my first chapter of my new book I should have it done by 2010.. “On the other side of me” by Priscilla wolf a Bio and has over 500 pictures added to it.. most of it will be photos and my success in life .. stay special love Priscilla

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