Prophecy 2009- UFOs and more-Is it all True Series #65

Well another year is here, and with it comes more crazy prophecies. For over 20 years, I have been an interested student of prophecy, until I realized most of these prophets are truly not prophets, some get lucky once or twice, and others list thousands of possible prophecies and work the odds into their favor. I have personally made confirmed prophecies several times but I am not a prophet. Once I even created a prophecy as I drove over a set of railroad tracks during a particular week and telepathically received 6 numbers for the Georgia Powerball. All numbers hit, but I second-guessed the source and put the numbers on two lines equaling $104 instead of $83 million!

For 2009 I have heard (from tabloid sources) Planet X is coming dangerously close. I have heard this before within the last three years and still…no Planet X. Also for the last 20 years, I heard that World War III is coming. And then there are the earthquakes, the biggest and greatest ones are coming (Head for the hills!) but I have heard that one since I was a kid. Earthquakes have actually been down in frequency and intensity over the last 10 years.

So here are some of my predictions for 2009, and I bet you mine turn out as good as any predictions from any of the psychics around the world; remember the bar is set quite low.

1. The economy – I predict we (the US) will have a hell of a bad 2009, but by June or July a few positive signs will appear such as the housing market has bottomed and unemployment has bottomed at 14%. Corruption in the stock and currency markets by greedy men is discovered to be in the trillions and a special world court is formed to try hundreds of financial scumball criminals around the world. I predict China’s growth will be near 0% in 2009, maybe 1or 2% at the best but this will still create major civil disorder as hundreds of millions of people who briefly tasted prosperity are now in poverty, and thousands and thousands could die. China will become militarily aggressive; Taiwan is in their sights.

2. Our new president will make some bad decisions in the first few months of his presidency. As the unemployment rate jumps to 14 % people grow quickly impatient and his approval rating drops below 50%. But as 2009 ends things improve and by mid- 2010 Obama is an economic hero as unemployment is back under 9% and the stock market is over 12,000.

3. In 2009 Pakistan will become the most dangerous country in the world; their Nuke program is out of control. Obama will threaten air strikes on Pakistan if they don’t get their military, homegrown terrorists and Al Qaeda in check and protect their nuclear devices from misuse and a world disaster.

4. The 2009 summer in the northern hemisphere, will be the summer of no Arctic Ice. Sea levels around the world will be up 4 inches, and there will be panic in the scientific community. But politicians in America will still be in a fog over global warming/ climate change.

5. There will be several very promising movies and photos of Bigfoot in 2009 but nothing will move the mainstream media to raise an eyebrow. UFOs events will increase with two major sightings, one over western Australia and one off the coast of Portugal.

So how did I come up with these amazing prophecies— a tall beer and a slight meditative state.

We are all prophets if we pay attention to the world and take notes. Learn quantum physics and create the future.

See more of my postings on prophecy, “Lady in Black” December 7th 2007, and Blossom Goodchild- October 11th, 2008.

Enjoy – life is short and 2009 is here.




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