Purpose of Life ( according to those guys )

As I have stated before I have over a period of 35 years talked to hundreds if not thousands of people who have had some contact with other entities/beings. One universal question which is asked to these beings, is “What is the Purpose of Life?” . Knowledge , learn, learn about almost anything– go deep into any subject and you will be in a god-like state. Are we talking about enlightenment? They say the “mind” is the ultimate dimension– it can carry you to all ends of the universe. The beings also say , that knowledge is carried with us life to life and our soul vehicle is the carrier. So you gain each lifetime and the accumulation helps you vibrate to higher and higher levels . And maybe as you go up the ladder you are allowed to go on to other fun adventures (new lives) . But understand it is not reincarnation , only a mind/knowledge/soul vehicle . This concept ends the “fear of death” which has controlled mankind for thousands of years.

So this is what I have heard from the contactees. Is it true? What do you think?


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  1. Could be Buddy, I am not in any position to argue this point with you. Actually I like the concept but will have to live a couple of more years to verify it. I will be sure to let you know somehow if this is really the plan after death.

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