Quantum Potential + Tesla’s Death Ray = the UFO challenge. Part 2 Is is all True Series ? #118


Please read part one of the series posted 01/16/10. After Edison stole alternating current from Tesla. Tesla started working with Herman Hertz and they discovered a new form of energy coming from something called Scalar Waves. They produced Scalar Transmitters, which is said could produce limitless wireless energy to run anything electrical in the world; this is a so-called ‘free energy device’.

My question is did Tesla and Hertz rediscover the energy source of the Atlantian times? Note scalar wave/ particles pass though all things without being detected.

In the 80’s it was rumored that the Russians had activated 100 Scalar weapons as a threat to the rest of the world. We are still here, so the threat was just a muscle flex by the Russians. They probably came to their senses once they figured out by using these unpredictable devices it could result in the end of the world, as we know it including mother Russia.

Also, it is said this plasma beam weapon can be “bottled” to be placed and detonated underground along a known earthquake fault-line causing a major earthquake to be triggered. Now looking at the Haiti disaster 2 weeks ago, and I am not saying that this type weapon caused the Haiti quake, but an earthquake could be produced near any large population center near major fault lines, and this would produce maximum death and destruction. The results would be equal or greater to a very large nuclear bomb. A Scalar “Bottle weapon” could be brought into a target area without detection. A nation like Haiti could be used as demonstration venue for a rogue terrorist nation/ group, to meet their mad agenda.

Now in the Haiti case this was pure nature (Gaia) powerful and deadly event. Although I read an interesting comment from Susan Hough (seismologist at the USGS) who stated regarding the quakes in Haiti and Northern California, “What’s notable of the recent events is that both struck close to where people live.” So let’s watch for any other similar quakes in areas of dense population centers and poor infrastructure, which again causes maximum destruction.

Another story has stated that the Russian and Americans in the late 70’s and early 80’s were testing the new Scalar type and nuclear weapons. And the question is, was this research/testing responsible for a sudden slowing down of the earth’s rotation 1984? Although the general public did not notice it, scientists did notice. The significance here is that the slowing of the earth’s rotation shows the enormous power of these weapons and possibility of this technology could end our existence, if it is miss used.

This is UFO/Alien tech., which somehow we obtained, so are we too primitive to control it?

Sleep tight, life is short, so enjoy the beauty and life on our amazing– GAIA

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