Religions of the UFO and their Founders: Part 3-Is it all True Series #72

The man that I believe coined the term “Space Brothers” was a Polish immigrant, who was born in 1891 and moved from Poland to New York City, to Wyoming, to Oregon, to California and beyond, as his story goes. This man was the first known (claimed) contactee of beings from far away places. This man is the one and only George Adamski.

With money from a wealthy supporter, George built a home on Palomar Mountain in California, the home of the world famous observatory. During a meeting with a group of his followers, they saw this huge cigar-shaped craft. They called it a Mothership; this was in 1947, which was several months before the Arnolds sightings (the event where the term “flying saucer” was coined). In May 1950, Adamski saw six ships, flying in formation. Then in 1952 he claimed to have a meeting with a Venusian named Orthon, a handsome looking dude with long blonde hair and tan skin; he must come from the California part of Venus. George and Orthon communicated through sign language and telepathy. Again the Venusian cried out warning of a nuclear war, future pollution and concerns of the survival of our planet. Orthon took George on his ship and traveled around the solar system.

Through Adamski’s career as a philosopher, teacher and UFO researcher, he supposedly had personal meetings with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Queen Elizabeth the II of England and Pope John XXIII. George, on his secret trip to the Vatican (which the Vatican strongly denies), bought a special message for his holiness from the Space Brothers. George did produce very rare Vatican gold coins, which he said the Pope gave him during their meeting.

Adamski established a UFO religion called the Royal Order of Tibet and his following grew into the thousands. He was spreading the word for his Space Brothers about their peace and kindness. On one of George’s trips around the solar system he said he saw something that looked like billions of fireflies on the dark-side of the moon. Most people laughed at this claim, but 8 years later John Glenn reported the same fireflies.

Over the years Adamski has produced an array of motion pictures and photos. I have seen some; some truly look like fakes, while others look quite interesting and are still being analyzed 40 years later.

George died at 73; he had a truly wonderful life of maybe a little fantasy and a little reality.



George’s World

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