Religions of the UFOs and their Founders: Part 2-Is it all True Series #71

George Van Tassel, contactee, ufologist and paranormal researcher, was born in Jefferson, Ohio in 1910. He dropped out of high school, got a pilot’s license and moved to California. He worked for his uncle as an auto mechanic and befriended a loner named Critzer, who has quite a story himself. Critzer was doing some prospecting near Landers, California and near this amazing huge freestanding rock (maybe the largest in the world). It is 7 stories high and about 6,000 sq ft on the ground. After Critzer’s death, Tassel leased the land next to this giant rock, and built a home, a cafe, an airstrip and a dude ranch.

George would meditate by the rock and one day it happened; the all-wise “Council of Seven Lights” came for a visit. He claimed they were from Venus, were very friendly and suggested to him to build a device to extend human life for many years. George spent the next 25 years of his life building this structure called the Integratron. Many people have visited this dome-shaped wooden structure over the years, but many feel it is incomplete and not functioning as it was intended to. George died in 1978, at a not-so-ripe age of 68. I believe the dome was in fact incomplete in that it needed to have an overlapping counter rotation to activate the rejuvenation process.

George was credited with the term “channeling”; he wanted to distinguish his communication from “mediums”. George said his communication was something called a tensor beam, like a TV, with different channels and different frequencies. One of George’s first channeling was from Ashtar. Ashtar’s message, through George as his channel, said to stop playing with splitting the hydrogen atom, and that hydrogen is the giver of life to this planet. If the initial explosion is large enough, the chain-reaction could/would destroy the whole earth into tiny subatomic particles, basically vaporizing everything we know into nothingness.

With that happy thought in mind, George went on and founded two groups, one called The Ministry of Universal Wisdom and the other called, The College of Universal Wisdom.

So have these warnings from another dimension been heard? George tried. And another George, George Adamski, who was probably one of the most famous, did attend Van Tassel’s Giant Rock Conventions. More on Adamski next week.

One final thought, we need to get down close to the ground and listen.


George’s Vehicle – to youth

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