Richard Bartlett the Quantum Show to Contact“ Is it all True Series ? #122

Members of the group, Albuquerque UFO/Paranormal Forum, and myself had ventured into the strange world of Richard Bartlett on January 29, 2010. I have said in other postings that by getting deeply into your right brain you can achieve mind-to-mind contact with inter-dimensional beings, including your more normal grays, reptilians, and those other others. My belief of this right brain journey to contact is stronger then ever.

During Richards first few minutes, he convinced me that he was a non-human entity. His mind was in a solid state of right brainism. It was a state of nirvana. He moved among his audience and dropped-down (as he calls it). As he and his assistants randomly took some of his audience into an area of consciousness they have only dreamed of before. They literally tipped over and remained comfortably lying on their backs, emerged totally in the right brain.

Richard plays in the quantum world of the Zero Point Field. Richard taps into this most powerful universal force, an energy that carries all history and knowledge from the beginning of all times and beyond. I believe most inter-dimensional beings have been working in this quantum energy field for hundreds of thousands of years. Most of Richards strange behavior in his show is for distraction. A distraction designed to catch the left-brain and keep it from interfering with the right brains move out into field. This Zero Point Field is the connecting force that links and networks all human and non-human bio- entities together.

Richard demonstrated the healing abilities of dropping down and modulating emotional and physical ailments. Some people would lie motionless for 15 minutes or more as their soul/minds floated in the Matrix of the Energetics. I had learned to drop-down several weeks before my Richard encounter. A close friend had gone to a 4-day Bartlett course to the Land of Oz. She taught me how to feel that special, strange, bewildering state of presence. The first time tipped-over I laid on my bed laughing, just laughing and not knowing why, it felt wonderful. Putting yourself or someone else into the Zero Point Field is going into a field where everything is possible, it is where dreams come from and reality is made.

When I go and do my Vortex Photography, the more my left-brain is on pause, the more right brain can be used to perceive the strange entities and image them. They, the forest people, seem to sense my altered state and come out from hiding from their higher dimensions places, and say “hi” to us humans.

In the future I will use Matrix Energetics, tapping, and other Quantum techniques to enable me to look through the veils of my left-brain.

Sleep-tight – Your right –brain is waiting to be unchained and see the truth.

Richard crazy man

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